Traditional dishes in Corfu

Meat plate with Souvlaki

Meat plate with Souvlaki ©kalleboo/Flick

Corfu is a perfect tourist destination for those who want to feel as free and welcomed as at home, and the low prices allows you to enjoy everything the island has to offer as delicious food, beautiful tourist attractions and souvenirs.

When you visit Corfu you have to try the traditional dishes of the island. Corfu is known for its Mediterranean cuisine dominated by local products that include fish, olive oil, honey, goat cheese or yogurt.

We would like to present you the most popular traditional dishes in Corfu.

Most known apetizers in Corfu

The Tzatziki is probably the most famous Greek dish and it is made with yoghurt, garlic and cucumber. It is very delicious with meats for example.
The Tyropithakia  is a sort of pie filled with traditional feta cheese.
The Numbulo  is a particular ham that can be found only on the island of Corfu and is made from smoked pork.
The Buduni  is a pork sausage, sliced ??fried and served with a glass of wine.


Tzatziki ©traaf/Flick

Famous salads in Corfu

The Horiatiki is a famous Greek salad that is prepared with tomatoes, cucumber, onion, pepper, feta cheese, black olives and olive oil.

Delicious meat dishes in Corfu

The Souvlaki is one of the most famous traditional dish in Corfu  and is made of kebabs of chicken or pork, wrapped in thin slices of ham.
The Stifado is veal cooked with onions and tomato sauce.
The Giouvetsi is a dish of lamb with rice.
The Bifteki  is a large meatball filled with cheese, onions and peppers and then grilled.
The Mousakas is an other famous greek dish made of minced meat, layers of potatoes, eggplant and sour cream.
The Sofrito is veal cooked in wine sauce
The Pastitsada is veal or chicken cooked with fresh tomatoes, cinnamon, wine, onion and various spices.

Meat plate with Souvlaki

Meat plate with Souvlaki ©kalleboo/Flick

Most famous fish dishes in Corfu

The Bourdeto is a spicy fish soup made with red pepper, onion, salt and olive oil.
The Bianco is a traditional dish in Corfu made of different kinds of fish cooked with wine, lemon juice, garlic and vinegar.
The Savuri is fried fish served with garlic, rosemary, vinegar and dried grapefruit.

Delicious vegetables in Corfu

The most famous traditional vegetable dish in Corfu is the Imam eggplants made of aubergines stuffed with onions and tomatoes, baked in the oven.

Plate with Imam Eggplants

Plate with Imam Eggplants ©seelensturm/Flick

The local cheese

Cheese plays an important role in the life of Greek people. The local cheese in Corfu is the Feta, the Manure, the Kefalotiri, the Tirokafteri and the Ladotiri.

Most known fast food in Corfu

The Gyros must be the most famous traditional greek food, that can be found in other many countries as well. It is a sandwich with chicken or pork roast, fries, onion rings, slices of fresh tomatoes and tzatziki wrapped in a pita bread.

Greek Gyros

Greek Gyros ©koadmunkee/Flick

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