Towns and villages on the Island of Kos


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The Island of Kos is a green and fertile island that offers tourists a multitude of possibilities. You can spend your time quietly on a beach in Kos, in a relaxed ambiance or you can spend the entire night in the many bars and clubs. There are so many things to do and to see here, that a week or two are not enough!

Beautiful beaches, picturesque little villages, interesting panorama and extremely intense nightlife, what more could you ask for from a place where you spend your vacation? Kos is considered one of the islands with the hottest evenings, but besides of this it has a lot to offer!

The island was rich since antiquity. The fertile soil is suitable for growing grapes, wheat, fruit and olives. We present you some towns and villages on the Island of Kos.

The Town of Kos

The Town of Kos ©sisaphus/Flick

Tourist attractions in the capital of Kos

For the beginning, you can visit in the capital city of Kos an interesting archaeological museum, a Kastro, which dates from the 13th century, the Tree of Hippocrates, and the Gazi Hassan Pacha Mosque dating from 1786. On the Kos Island there is an archeological area as well where were found the ruins of the Ancient Agora. Houses, temples, thermal baths and mosaics from different eras have been found here, and the statue of Hippocrates as well. You may also visit the Roman House, the replica of an ancient Roman house that is opened to visitors.

The public market is a very nice place to visit and is located in the historic center of Kos, just at the entrance to the archaeological site. Around the market there are several public buildings with remarkable architecture, and cute cafés.

Important settlements on the Island of Kos

Asclepion really need to be seen by those who are interested in ancient history. Here is a large temple dedicated to the god of medicine.

The ascleption of Kos

The ascleption of Kos ©Kees Wielemaker (pedaal)/Flick

There are many picturesque little villages on the Island of Kos that also worth to be discovered. It might be a good idea to rent a car and make the tour of these.

Pylio Palio is an abandoned medieval village where you will find many interesting churches and a Kastro.

At Asfendiou are there some very old churches and a Kastro of the Knights.

Kefalos was the capital of the island in antiquity and was then called Astypalea. Some excavations are made here.

At Kardamena you can visit a Byzantine church dedicated to Agios Theodotas and at Antimachia there is a Venetian castle.


Kardamena ©Eric Borda/Flick

Zia is built like an amphitheater with numerous churches and shops. You can admire the sunset better from the Southern Peinsula of Moni Agiou Theologou.

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