Tourist guide to the Island of Thassos

Island of Thassos from air

Island of Thassos from air ©wallygrom/Flick

Greece is the country that attracts thousands of tourists annually both on the mainland and on islands in the Aegean Sea, Ionian Sea and Mediterranean Sea. The most attractive Greek islands for tourists are Crete, Corfu and Thassos. Every of them is seen differently by its visitors. For example the Island of Crete is a place of fun, while Thassos is the island of relaxation and peace.

Although Thassos also has nightlife and famous tourist attractions as well, this island attracts tourists mostly because of the variety of the landscape and the relaxing evenings spent on the terraces of the seashore.

Thassos is an island in the northern Aegean Sea and is the twelfth largest of the Greek islands. You can get to the island by ferry from Keramoti or from Kavala that is a city worth a visit, but the transport is cheaper from Keramoti.

The Golden Beach at Thassos

The Golden Beach at Thassos ©ronsaunders47/Flick

Accommodation on the Island of Thassos

On the Island of Thassos you can choose from various places to stay, for example Potos or Limenas that is the capital of the island and the locals also call it Thassos. Regarding accommodation, you can choose between the few hotels and many villas. The services offered by the two types of accommodation in Thassos are different. If you choose a villa for example, you have a whole apartment and the quietness that provides, while at the hotel you will have breakfast and other quality services specific to the hotel industry.

The beautiful scenery of the island

Thassos offers outstanding deep gulfs and peninsulas, and exceptional mountain scenery, with the Ipsarion mountain top, which is the highest on the island. The color of the rocks and the relief generally on the Island of Thassos is due to the existing mines. In the past there were lead and silver mines, but today they extract lead-zinc. You will also see reddish rocks, which get their color from the iron.

Island of Thassos with the Ipsarion mountain

Island of Thassos with the Ipsarion mountain ©wallygrom/Flick

The atmosphere of Thassos

The beaches and the terraces there attract tourists in the evening before they return to the hotel for rest. On the terraces of Thassos you can listen to music, dance and eat even if they are not opened for too late in the night. The atmosphere offered by the traditional music, the taste of the dishes and the cool sea breeze is so romantic than sitting outside until late at night does not seem to be a usual or a desired activity of the tourists here.

The capital city

Not only the Island of Thassos provides an idyllic atmosphere, but the capital city as well. The old fortification of the town of Limenas Thassos brings the visitors back to the ancient times of the gods of Olympus. An immersion into the world of the ancient Greeks can be done here because of the existing tourist attractions as well, the ruins of temples and statues which embellished both the inside and the outside of the port city of the island.

Island of Thassos from air

Island of Thassos from air ©wallygrom/Flick

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