Tourist guide to the Halkidiki Peninsula

Kassandra Halkidiki

Kassandra Halkidiki ©KassandraBay/Flick

The Halkidiki Peninsula in northern Greece is located at southeast from Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece. Halkidiki is also the name of the prefecture located in the Greek region of Central Macedonia, the residence is the city of Polygyros, located at 70 km in the southeast of Thessaloniki, with a population of over 23,000 inhabitants. The Peninsula of Halkidiki in the south is divided in three other peninsulas: Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos.

We present you a tourist guide to the Halkidiki Peninsula including a general presentation of its part and the most important resorts and beaches.

The three peninsulas of Halkidiki

Kassandra is located in the west and is the most populated and most visited of the three peninsulas. The holidays in Halkidiki including Kassandra are for all types of tourists; its hotels, restaurants, taverns, clubs valued by the tourists, and its many white sand beaches are of an enchanting beauty. The most important town is Kassandreia; it is not a tourist town, but it is full of life even in winter.

The Peninsula of Sithonia has a rugged coastal landscape with unique pine forests, and beautiful beaches. Here is the only luxury resort in Halkidiki with a modern golf course.

Sithonia Halkidiki

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The third peninsula is the one where the Mount Athos is. The region is primarily known for the resorts on the Aegean Sea with about 50 beaches awarded with the “Blue Flag”. Halkidiki has over 500 km of beaches, the most beautiful being around Mount Athos, but the area is mostly forbidden to tourists.

The most famous resorts of the three peninsulas

On the western side of the Peninsula of Halkidiki, between Kassandra and Thessaloniki lies the resort of Kallikratia, considered by many as the most beautiful resort in Halkidiki due to its picturesque landscapes. It has shopping centers, shops, taverns and restaurants and numerous places for entertainment. The beaches of Neos and Marmaras are also very appreciated by tourists and the port of the small town on the coast is used as a starting point for other attractions in the Aegean including Skiathos or Kalithea.

Kassandra Halkidiki

Kassandra Halkidiki ©KassandraBay/Flick

One of the most important resorts in the northern peninsula of Athos include Ouranoupolis, which is a small town with dream beaches and beautiful mountain landscapes. It is a place where are organized cruises around the Peninsula of Athos and from where the pilgrims can go to the hermitages of the Mount Athos. Ammouliani is the only inhabited island of Halkidiki, the beaches here are a real paradise. The resort of Ierissos is located in the northern peninsula of Athos and offers tourists beaches, picturesque taverns and accommodation with hosts. Nea Roda is another resort in the north of the Athos Peninsula, a picturesque village with archaeological remains, beautiful beaches and lots of greenery. Olympiada is situated in the Gulf of Strimonikos, in the north-eastern part of the Halkidiki Peninsula, the resort offers visitors mountainous landscapes and beaches, and numerous archaeological sites.

Athos Halkidiki

Athos Halkidiki ©Horia Varlan/Flick

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