Tourist Attractions in Lamia, the City of Achilles

The city of Lamia

The city of Lamia ©Agnee

Greece has many wonderful places with uncountable tourist attractions. Many people know the southern part of the country, but know very few things about the northern part.

Lamia is the capital city of the region Phthiotis, known as Central Greece with 47.246 inhabitants.

The city is believed to be the birthplace of the legendary Achilles.

We would like to present you the most important tourist attractions in Lamia, the charming city of Achilles.


The hills of the city of Achilles

The town of Lamia is situated at an altitude of 75 above the sea level at the foot of Mount Othrys on the southwest side, near the river Sperhios. The acropolis of the site is currently occupied by a medieval castle built by the French.
On an other hill of the city lies the Ayos Loukas church, built in the 19-20th century and has an impressive view of the Maliac bay and the shores of the island of Euboea.

View of the city of Lamia from the Castle

View of the city of Lamia from the Castle ©Agnee

The four main squares of Lamia

The administrative buildings, hotels and taverns are grouped around the four main squares of the city: Freedom Square, Diakos Square, Park Sguare and People’s Square. Each of them has characteristic features: cathedral, plane-trees and fountains, statue of the revolutionary hero Athanasios Diakos, which is the emblem statue of Greece.

The Lamia Castle

The Lamia Castle houses the local Museum of Archaeology. Here is an interesting collection of items on display dating from the Hellenistic period, which include: ceramics, sculptures, statues and small geometric figures.

The Castle in Lamia

The Castle in Lamia ©Agnee

Lamia in the past was also known as Zetounion, Zeitoun, Zirtounion or Zitonion, Girton, El Cito, Izdin or Izzeddin.

Tourist centers around the city of Lamia

Many coastal villages situated around the town of Lamia, have become major tourist centers.

Karavomylos is located at 4 km to north-east, Spa Ypati (recommended for heart disease and circulatory disorders) is located in the Sperkhios valley, 25 km to west of Lamia. Here is a castle from the 14th century.  Thermopylae is located at 14 km to southwest and it is a very important historical place.

Ypati is one of the biggest historic cities in Central Greece located between cool pine forests and offers a splendid view of the sea. Near Ypati is the Agathon Monastery dating from the 15th century. Inside of the monastery you can find the Oiti Natural History Museum.

The city of Ypati

The city of Ypati ©gterez/Flick

The easiest way to get to Lamia is by using the express railway line Athens-Thessaloniki.

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