Tourist attractions in Corfu

Tourist attractions in Corfu

Tourist attractions in Corfu ©izzie_whizzie/Flick

Corfu is located on the western coast of Greece, in the north of the Ionian Sea and is a worldwide famous destination.

Today the island is a marvelous tourist paradise.

We would like to present the most important tourist attractions in Corfu, including fortifications, palaces, churches, monasteries, museums, villages and mountains.

The most appropriate season to visit Greece seems that it would be June, when the heat is tolerable and at the same time the whole island is green.

Corfu Town (Kerkyra)

The city is a synthesis of ancient architecture styles. At each corner is either a secret garden or a museum or a house with a history of four centuries. Prevails the authentic Venetian architecture due to the four centuries of occupation of the island by Venice, but the city also has buildings with British and French influences. The city was never conquered by the Turks, therefore you won’t meet there Turkish influences in architecture, as in most Greek islands.

New Fort in Corfu

New Fort in Corfu ©izzie_whizzie/Flick

The Old Fort is the main tourist attraction of the city. Its construction began in the late sixth century and was completed in the sixteenth century. The fortress was built on an artificial island and offers both a sublime example of ancient architecture, and a great view of the surroundings. The New Fort is also a very beautiful and imposing building. The city fortifications are the work of the Italian Renaissance architect Michele Sanmicheli, specialist in fortifications.

Old Fort in Corfu

Old Fort in Corfu ©Keith Laverack/Flick

Do not miss the commercial centers of the city, the Paleopolis area with many Greek, Roman and Byzantine vestiges, the area with elegant arches on the Street N. Theotokos, the French Esplanade with the labyrinth of streets behind it. At the northern end of the street Capodistria near the Esplanade is a neoclassical building where Capodistrias, the first president of Greece was born. The building is considered one of the most beautiful buildings in Greece.

Beautiful palaces in Corfu

The Achillion Palace is one of those tourist attractions where a camera is a must. This splendid monument was built in the village of Gastouri in one of the most beautiful gardens of the island. The palace was the summer residence of Elisabeth (Sissy), wife of the Emperor of Austria. It has impressive sculptures, furniture and an amazing garden. It is at 20 km from Corfu Town, on the south coast of the island.
The Mon Repos Palace was the summer residence of the British governor of Corfu. It is in Kanoni, near the Corfu Town.
The St. Michel Palace and St. George Palace were built by the British to serve as the residence of the Governor.

Achillion Palace in Corfu

Achillion Palace in Corfu ©izzie_whizzie/Flick

Most important museums in Corfu

Of all the museums on Corfu Island it worth visiting the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Banknotes, the Folk Museum, the Asian Art Museum, the Byzantine Museum of Byzantine with Cretan school icons, the Solomos Museum, the Shell Museum, the Numismatic Museum and the Municipal Gallery.

The Antivouniotissa Museum in Corfu Town

The Antivouniotissa Museum in Corfu Town ©izzie_whizzie/Flick

Famous churches and monasteries in Corfu

There are over 800 churches and monasteries on Corfu and many of them can be visited. The best known are the Paleokastritsa Monastery, the St. Spyridon Church, the Byzantine Church in Garitsa, the Kanoni Church and the monastery on Mount Pantokrator.

Valcherna Monastery of Panayia

Monastery in Corfu ©Keith Laverack/Flick

The breathtaking Mount Pantokrator

Mount Pentokrator has a peak with an altitude of 900 meters, dominating the north of the island. It can be approached by foot (a trip of at least two days) or by car. There are several traditional villages where you should stop. Strinilas is a small village which is more than five centuries old that must be visited.

Mount Pantokrator in Corfu

Mount Pantokrator in Corfu ©sanderovski/Flick

The charming old town of Perithia

Perithia is a small town that is more than six centuries old, and it is situated on the northern part of CorfuIsland, between the resorts of Kassiopi and Acharavi. The city is completely deserted, but because of the narrow streets, old buildings and traditional taverns is one of the original aims of the island. It seems that the foundations of the city were laid in the XIV century, in the Byzantine period.

Perithia in Corfu

Town of Perithia in Corfu ©timniblett/Flick

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