Top 5 things that you shouldn’t miss in Greece

Greek dancers

Greek dancers ©James Nash (aka Cirrus)/Flick

Greece is everything you could dream of: millennial history, the perfect blend of modernism, rich cities and a magical land with picturesque places where people still keep traditions alive. It is a country of contrasts that mixes millennial history with the lively pulse of daily life. Culture has a powerful impact on contemporary life, the past is found in every corner of the country, the arts and crafts tradition of thousands of years enchanting any tourist that is coming here.

Nature in Greece alternates between imposing mountains and endless plains, you will find here white sandy shores or rocks along the coast, crystal blue waters and hot sun.

Mount Athos

Mount Athos is situated on the eastern arm of Chalkidiki called Athos. The natural beauty of the island is a something that you shouldn’t miss in Greece. The top of the mountain is like a huge cone that reaches a height of 2,033 meters and the slopes are covered by old pine forests. Athos is a community of monks who, over more than 1,000 years, live the daily life and the religious practices of the Byzantines. The oldest monastery on Mount Athos is Megisti Lavra, who is also the richest in treasures and relics. Women are forbidden to enter the Holy Mount Athos.

Mount Athos

Mount Athos ©michael clarke stuff/Flick


Acropolis means “upper city” and it is called like this because in ancient times the center of the city was built on a hill or in the highest part of the city for safety reasons and for an easier defence. The remains of the first settlement on the Acropolis date from the Neolithic time period. In the Classical period three important temples were built on the ruins of the old ones: the Pantheon, the Erechtheion, and the Temple of Nike.


The ouzo is a Greek traditional drink and is the taste is simmilar to the Turkish raki. You can not miss the ouzo. it is made from distilled grain alcohol (96% alcohol) contains anise and other flavors can be optionally added as well. It has a sweet, hot taste and it is usually served as an appetizer.

Greek ouzo

Greek ouzo ©jdn/Flick

The tradition of dropping the dishes

Breaking plates and glasses at various events is a surprising Greek tradition. It is an old custom and is still kept nowadays at private celebrations and in restaurants as well, where they have to pay a fee for purchasing plates and is allowed in specially equipped rooms.

Hassapiko-Sirtaki or Zorba Greek Dance

The Hassapiko-Sirtaki dance and can not miss from the Greek evening program. “Hassapiko-Sirtaki”, which we usually know as “Zorba”, thanks to the film that made him famous, is a dynamic dance choreography and the steps follow a mathematical rigor. Unlike the other group dances, does not allow joining other dancers.

Greek dancers

Greek dancers ©James Nash (aka Cirrus)/Flick

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