Top 5 free sites in Athens

The Panathenaic Stadium

The Panathenaic Stadium ©bobchin1941/Flick

Despite the economical crisis of Greece in Athens you can still enjoy some free attractions. These are not some undemanding places, but on the contrary. Therefor in case that are going to visit the Greek capital this summer or fall, our list of the most interesting things that can be done free of charge might be very helpful.

The top 5 free sites in Athens include the Lycavittos Hill, the change of the Evzoni Guards, the National Garden, Window Shopping at the Bucharest treet of Athens and the Panatheic Stadium.


The Lykavittos Hill

The Lykavittos Hill is probably the best panorama of all Athens and one of the top 5 free sites in Athens. According to the legends, the goddess Palas Atena had created it because she wanted a temple closer to the heavens. She might hit with rock in the surrounding of the city that bears her name, but the people did not build the temple here, but on a less high hill, the current Acropolis. Perhaps the goddess saw the architecture of the temple and was ultimately satisfied with a lower hill and a magnificent temple. Instead of the temple, on the top of the Lycavittos Hill is an Orthodox chapel with a great panoramic view.

The Lykavittos Hill in Athens

The Lykavittos Hill in Athens ©swifant/Flick

The changing of the Evzoni Guards

In the case that are not government demonstrations go to the Parliament to see the funniest Guard soldiers in Europe with huge pompom slippers, their feet touching each other in a not quite military choreography. But what can you do, if that is the Greek rite, you can not do anything else than to take pictures of them or with them. This can be seen once in every hour and is free of charge.

The National Garden

If you will spend the summer in Athens, you will enjoy every possible patch of shade and in a city that does not excel in forested green spaces (and the few suburban trees often fall prey to forest fires), a garden is an oasis of pleasure. The former royal garden is today a cool shady place opened to public and is is one of the free sites in Athens.

The National Garden in Athens

The National Garden in Athens ©Sharon Mollerus/Flick

Window Shopping at Bucharest

There are not many Bucharest streets in the world, but Athens is one of those few cities. It is central street two steps away from the Syntagma Square and it is an exclusive shopping street. You might not have enough money to visit the stores, but a window shopping might be very pleasant as well and it is for free. Be careful not to miss it because it is a quite small but elegant street. From the Syntagma Square go to the Iroon Polytechneiou Avenue and it is the second street on the right. In Greek, the name is “Odos Voucouresti” – Οδός Βουκουρέστι.

The Panathenaic Stadium

The famous marble stadium of Athens, built in the fourth century BC and rebuilt for the first modern Olympic Games hosted by Athens in 1896 is one of the top 5 free sites in Athens. Try to imitate the ancient athletes and those from the 1896 running at least one lap. The Panathenaic Stadium is located in the center of the city. Please note, if you ask where is the Olympic Stadium you will be probably guided towards the one built fot the Olympics in 2004.


The Panathenaic Stadium

The Panathenaic Stadium ©bobchin1941/Flick

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