Top 10 unique things in Crete

Windmills in Crete

Windmills in Crete ©Michael Weber photography/Flick

The Island of Crete is situated at the crossroads of three continents, Europe to the north, East Asia and Africa to the south.

It is the largest of all the Greek Islands and one of those places where nature was unleashed: imposing mountains, steep valleys, mysterious caves, fertile plains, lush vegetation, calm sea, storm and mild climate.

Crete is an island of contrasts, diverse and multifaceted, a mixture of civilizations and the last bastion of Hellenism in the southern Mediterranean.

Traditional Greek dinner

The Greek kitchen on the islands is one of the top 10 unique things in Crete. You have as much wine as you want and a music and dance show in every tavern. A Cretan style evening in a traditional village is an experience that you can not miss.

Tavern in Crete

Tavern in Crete ©mueritz/Flick

Intense holidays

Crete is characterized by fireworks, overflowing and sincere joy blending with traditions preserved for hundreds of years. The Easter is the most important holiday of the Cretans and it has a fervor and an intensity unparalleled elsewhere.

Special souvenirs

From Crete you can return with many and various souvenirs from traditional ouzo bottles and extra virgin olive oil, black place kerchief that wear only Cretan men.

The Koules Fortress

Built between the years 1523 and 1540 the Koules Fortress is imposing both by the style of construction and the splendor of the interiors. It is a unique tourist attraction of Heraklion.

Marine food

The marine specialty lovers have many thing to choose from. From scallops to lobster the dishes are fresh, varied and delicious, the menu in Crete is varying between 4-15 euros.


If you are in the inside of the island, visit the Lasshiti plateau with its famous windmills. The view is unique, you won’t regret your choice. It is surely one of the ten unique things in Crete.

Windmills in Crete

Windmills in Crete ©Michael Weber photography/Flick

Agia Gallini

Agia Galini is a resort located in the Messara bay and it is famous for its beaches, also attracting tourists by the numerous restaurants, pubs, discos and souvenir shops.

Candia Park Village

The Candia Park Village is one of the many places of recreation and relaxation. The modern pools and impeccable services attract here every year thousands of tourists.

The goat of Crete

The Island of Crete received its name from the Kri-Kri, a term that denotes a subspecies of wild goat ibex. It is one of the 10 unique things of Crete. There are only 2,000 pieces of this goat and they live exclusively in the mountains of Crete. This is why only a few tourists and even locals have the opportunity to meet them. The excavations have unearthed numerous murals proving the existence of the species on the island since the antiquity.

The mountains of Crete

Crete is a mountainous island and the history and the personality of the island have been shaped by its wild mountains where they could find shelter the klefti gangs, the local outlaws who continuously fought against the Turks. In the west you will find the Lefka Ori Mountains with a height of 2453 m. In the center reigns the Mount Idi with his 2456 m and in the east the Mount Dikti with its 2148 meters.

Mountains of Crete

Mountains of Crete ©Shepard4711/Flick

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