Top 10 Greek Islands

The Island of Corfu

The Island of Corfu ©mickpix/Flick

Greece is a country which has some of the most spectacular sights in the world and amazing architectural monuments and now is one of the most popular tourist destinations. The Greek Islands are a haven of beauty and tranquility, but also the place of fun. Whether you like the sandy beaches or the amazing nightlife, they worth to be visited.

The Greek Islands have pleasant salt air and wind, sun and sand, azure waters. You can relax on the sunny beaches or participate to scuba diving.


If you want to relax on the incredible beaches of Greece, but do not know which one to choose, our a short presentation of the top 10 Greek Islands might be helpful.


Corfu is a very green island with clear waters, where you will find the remains of civilizations that have passed through this beautiful place over the years.

The Island of Corfu

The Island of Corfu ©mickpix/Flick


The Island of Crete is obviously one of the top 10 Greek Islands with over 1,000 km of coastline with numerous gulfs and peninsulas. It offers many fine sandy beaches along the Mediterranean Sea, waiting for you to spend a vacation here.


The Halkidiki Peninsula with its three famous branches: Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos, reserves surprises for every tourist. Here you will definitely find something to that you really like.


The Island of Kefalonia is one of the top 10 Greek Islands because of the unique landscape that gives the charm of this island. Some say that Kefalonia is so beautiful that you’ll love it from the first second when you hit the ground.


In the Island of Kos you will find wonderful beaches, restaurants, bars, crowded hotels, historic monuments and a landscape that would surely delight your eyes. There are many parties and you will surely have an unforgettable summer.


Lefkada is one of the most beautiful Greek Islands famous for its fabulous beaches, surrounded by huge breathtaking cliffs. The waters are turquoise and the tourists are not very numerous. It is a perfect island for a romantic holiday.

The Island of Lefkada

The Island of Lefkada ©dkalo/Flick


Rhodes is also called the island of sun and along the beautiful beaches offers a large number of accommodations and entertainment. Besides this it has many tourist attractions, shops and picturesque restaurants.


Zakynthos has to appear in the list of the top 10 Greek Islands, it is a paradise! The famous island awaits you with beautiful sandy beaches, deep and clear blue water, sea caves, magical sunsets and gentle climate.


The Greek island of Santorini is one of the top ten world destinations. Even the most demanding tourists are impressed by the overwhelming surreal landscapes. If you have never been before in Santorini, it is time to visit it.


Thassos is a green island in the Aegean Sea known for its impeccable beaches, the friendly people, the food and tasty wines. Here you will spend a good time in summer, it is a place with many beach parties and gastronomic festivals.

The Island of Thassos

The Island of Thassos ©ronsaunders47/Flick

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