Tipping matters and useful numbers in Greece

Greek Service Charge ©MoHotta18/flickr

Greek Service Charge ©MoHotta18/flickr

VAT is included in the restaurant bills, local taxes are also included.  The service charge is 10 to 15 percent. A custom to follow is to leave 10% or 5% for the waiter/waitresss particularly for good service staffs. Larger bills is best to be rounded off and small bills to be round up to the nearest Euro. Tourists are expected to leave a tip for taxis, a general guide is to tip up from 5% to 10%. In the hotel, you may tip bellhops or doormen 1 Eur up to 5 Eur if you have many luggage and bags. The chambermaids should be tipped 2 Eur per night.


One of the most useful telephone numbers you should note is this toll-free number 887/487-2778. Ths is the National Passport Information Center number. You can call this for any information related to security issues, health risks. This is where you can ask for Consular Information Sheets. For US citizens, you can contact any U.S. embassy or consulate.

Police and legal aid

Reporting a medical emergency or to report a crime is best to contact the local tourist police. The telephone number is 171. This number leads you to an English-speaking officer, otherwise, try the other number 100 which leads you to the local police. As for legal assistance, contact an English-speaking embassy or consulate if you cannot contact your own legal aid.

Forbidden Photography

What you should not photograph is the military or police installations. It is by law that you should not take any photograph of them.

Postage and Mail

Greek Mail ©Living Small/flickr

Greek Mail ©Living Small/flickr

Though reliable, the mailing services in Greece are rather slow. If you are planning to receive a mail addressed to you, be ready with your passport in order to collect it/them. Hotels can hold or even forward mail for you, but it is better to ask in advanced. FedEx provides a faster service and you can try one of the major international private carriers. For American Express account holders, you can receive mails from the Amex office for a nominal fee and be ready to have a proper identification as well. You can get your mail from the offices of Corfu, Mykonos, Rhodes, Skiathos, Athens, Iraklion, Patras, Santorini and Thessaloniki. As a rough guide, the postage cost are about 0.70 Eur to sent out to foreign countries for a postcard or letter below 20grams.


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