Things to know before you travel to Kefalonia

Argostoli in Kefalonia

Argostoli in Kefalonia ©EEPaul/Flick

The largest island in the Ionian Sea, Kefalonia, is a charming place. Although developed in recent years as a family destination, the beaches of the island of Kefalonia are not crowded due to the large size of the island.

The Island of Kefalonia is famous for exotic beaches, from those are distinguished Myrtos, Antisamos, Lourdas and Skala, which was chosen for filming many Hollywood film productions. Kefalonia has also many picturesque villages, medieval castles and beautiful monasteries. Fiscardo is the most cosmopolitan place, with a port that receives yachts every summer. Other beautiful villages are Argostoli, Sami and Assos.

Let’s see some things  to know before you travel to Kefalonia. The Island of Kefalonia is certainly one of the most popular destinations in Greece, consists of four peninsulas and has great scenery. From an architectural perspective, the island does not look very different from most islands in Greece.

Argostoli, Myrtos and Assos

We recommend you to visit Argostoli, Myrtos, Assos. Going in Argostoli, the capital city, you can admire an impressive lighthouse built in 1828. From Argostoli you can continue your journey north to Myrtos, the most famous and photographed beach of Kefalonia. Myrtos has an impressive landscape, crystal water and is considered one of the best beaches in the world! From here you can go to Assos, at 10 km to the north from Myrtos, a lovely village.

Argostoli in Kefalonia

Argostoli in Kefalonia ©EEPaul/Flick


After you visit Assos in Kefalonia you can go to Fiscardo, a village in the north of Kefalonia, which is distinguished by its colorful architecture. Fiscardo is the only village on the island that has not been damaged in 1953 during the earthquake that hit the island. In Fiscardo you can see many yachts and fishing boats moored in the small harbor and picturesque taverns.

Fiscardo in Kefalonia

Fiscardo in Kefalonia ©dan taylor/Flick

Sami and Melissani

Towards the center of the Island of Kefalonia, there are two notable caves: the Drogarati with plenty of beautiful formations of stalactites and stalagmites and the Melissani, filled with bright blue water. Both of these offer unforgettable experiences.

Sami is a tourist village located at 24 km in the east of Argostoli. At about 3 km from  Sami lies the cave of Drogarati. After you visit Sami, you can continue to Antisamos, a beautiful beach where you can enjoy the crystal water and the green landscape. After Sami, you can visit Melissani, the another cave in Kefalonia, at 3 km to the north from Sami.

The evenings can be spent in Agia Efimia, a seaside tourist village in Kefalonia with beautiful taverns.

The Melissani Lake in Kephalonia

The Melissani Lake in Kephalonia ©tallguyuk/Flick


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