The Vassilikos peninsula and the Marathonisi Island in Zakynthos

Marathonisi Island

Marathonisi Island @Live Zakynthos/Flick

Tourists who visit the Vassilikos peninsula can enjoy the exotic scenery, the mountain, the sea and the unique Mediterranean vegetation with olive groves that form a special unique frame. In this area is the Marine Park of Zakynthos, where can be seen a rare species of endangered turtle.

The Marathonisi Island is small, uninhabited and is located in the Laganas bay, in the Ionian Sea. This island is made ​​up of two smaller islands that are called Pontikonisi. It is renowned for its natural habitat specific to the Caretta turtles, that are found here, a reason why it was included in Zakynthos Marine Park.

The Vassilikos peninsula

Part of the beautiful Island of Zakynthos, the Vassilikos peninsula is located in the south- east of it, at 11 km from the capital of Zakynthos and at 17 km from the airport. The link between the capital and Vassilikos is via a bus.

The beaches in this part of the island is sandy and the water is not very deep, which is a plus for tourists who come on vacation with their kids. Among the beaches that you find here is the Porto Roma, the Dafni, the Agios Nikolaos, the Gerakas and the Ionio. You can practice water sports on many of these beaches.

The Vassilikos peninsula in Zakynthos

The Vassilikos peninsula in Zakynthos @hammershaug/Flick

The Vassilikos peninsula in Zakynthos is made up of small villages where are approximately 250 inhabitants and the traditions are still preserved with pride by the locals. Adventure loving tourists can go on a tour in the area, thus having the unique opportunity to discover wild beaches, where the cliffs goes down to the sea, places where are very few tourists, and then relax at a local tavern.

The Vassilikos Peninsula is known as one of the most beautiful areas of the island, mainly for couples and families in search of relaxation.

The Marathonisi Island

The Marathonisi Island, which has a turtle shape, has two beautiful beaches, one of them with sand, being dedicated to the turtles that lay their eggs here in July and August, and a special one for the many tourists that arrive here. This isolated place is preferred by an another endangered species as well, the Monachus seal, which comes here to breed. Tourists can also visit two caves located in the area or explore on foot the small stretch of land covered with olive, pine and oak forests.

Marathonisi Island

Marathonisi Island @Live Zakynthos/Flick

The Marathonisi Island in Zakynthos retains its unique charm, there is no tavern or restaurant, tourists have a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the beautiful landscape and admire the lands close to the small island and definitely will go back in Zakynthos with unique and priceless memories.

Marathonisi or Turtle island, Laganas bay, Zakythinos

Marathonisi or Turtle island, Laganas bay, Zakythinos @heatherontravels/Flick


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