The Theophilos Museum and the Teriade Museum on the Lesbos Island

Sunset at the Lesbos Island

Sunset at the Lesbos Island ©thomas_gruber/Flick

During a visit on the Island of Lesbos one of the places that you shouldn’t miss is the Theofilos Museum. This tourist attraction is located in the region of Arkotiri (suburb of the city of Varese) at approximately 4km from the city of Mytilini.

Located in the region of Varia, near the Theophilos Museum and known for the incredible landscapes that offers, the Teriade Museum totally deserves to be visited because it is a unique library-museum in the world. Here you can find information about the aspects of art, famous paintings, painters, being a research place for those who are interested in art.


The Island of Lesbos in Greece

The Island of Lesbos in Greece ©wehunts/Flick

The Theophilos Museum

The Theophilos Museum in the Lesbos Island was built in 1964 due to the initiative of a Parisian art critic originar from Lesbos, called Stratis Eleftheriade known as Teriade. The museum is divided into five halls and houses. There you will find 86 works of the painter Theophilos Chatzmicheal.  Chatzmicheal is a painter who, living in poverty, was forced to paint the walls of coffee shops to get money for food. Some of his paintings can still be seen on the walls of the old buildings on the territory of the island. Besides of this, near the town of Agiassos can be see the hollow tree where he lived and performed his works of art.

Certainly, the Theofilos Museum shouldn’t be missed especially by those interested in art because in this place you’ll delight your eyes with wonderful artworks and, since the museums generally have an educational role, here you will be able to improve your general knowledge.

Sunset at the Lesbos Island

Sunset at the Lesbos Island ©thomas_gruber/Flick

The Teriade Museum

The Teriade Museum in the island of Lesbos opened its doors in the August of 1979. Stratis Eleftheriades known as Teriade (1889-1983) was an author with Greek origins as we already mentioned, who has worked with leading writers of the twentieth century. This was leading to the appearance of art criticism books. The total of 91 books besides the text about art also contain hundreds of paintings of celebrities such as Picasso, Matisse, Giacometti, Chagal, Le Corbursiere etc. In this museum you can also see the 40 works of the painter Theophilos, which Teriade presented at the Louvre.

During the year in the Teriade Museum are organized numerous exhibitions of famous painters around the world. The building has an area of ​​about 1000 square meters and the architecture is distinguished by simplicity. The architectural simplicity was the desire of Teriade, who wanted to be a match between the image of the building and the surrounding neighborhood.

Lesbos Island

Lesbos Island ©Daviddje/Flick

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