The Skinari Cape and the Blue Caves of Zakynthos

Blue Caves in Zakynthos

Blue Caves in Zakynthos @Marcus Povey/Flick

Cape Skinari is located in the north of the island of Zakynthos. From here, tourists can enjoy beautiful landscapes, seen from the top of the rocks. It is a perfect area for reflection and relaxation. The road leading to the Skinari Cape is very pleasant, being crossed by pine and olive trees.

From here you can also go on a trip to the Blue Caves of Zakynthos, an area with white rocks and some ruins, preserved after the devastating earthquake in the year 1953. Tourists that arrive here remain impressed by the charm of these old places, which are in constant transformation, and will certainly want to return.

The Skinari Cape

In the area are many windmills and a lighthouse that can be seen from the distance, at night the view is enchanting. If you visit the Skinari Cape in Zakynthos, it is recommended to enter the water at night, being only a few feet deep. You can park your car above the rocks, then you have to descend a few steps. At night, after you have entered the water, you bother the swimming plankton and you will notice immediately how a fluorescent cloud comprises you. The picture may be even more impressive if you choose to take a bath during a full Moon.

The area of Cape Skinari is frequented by many tourists attracted by the beauty of the place, truly picturesque images, taking your gaze. The images of nature are complemented by some ruins, which still continues to rule these areas.

Windmills at Skinari in Zakynthos

Windmills at Skinari in Zakynthos @nymphofox/Flick

The Blue Caves

The Blue Caves of Zakynthos are situated in the north of the island, near the Skinari Cape, as we already mentioned. These very spectacular geological formations, which were first discovered in 1897, can be viewed after a short boat ride from several ports: Agios Nikolaos, Porto Vromi, Keri. The biggest cave is called Kianoun. The grottoes have various shapes, arches, under which can pass small boats. Tourists can enter in some of these caves, where they can see stalactites and other interesting, they can even swim here. The landscapes of the area is truly amazing and the water has a unique shade of blue.

Water color at the Blue Caves

Water color at the Blue Caves @nymphofox/Flick

The most famous caves are Keri and Volimes. In the Keri blue caves can be seen two stone bridges, called Kamares. Other famous formations are the Myzithres, two white rocks located in the sea. There are dark caves as well where only a few rays can penetrate, creating a mystical atmosphere.

The best time to visit the ancient Blue Caves of Zakynthos is morning, when the sea is calm and the sun creates different color effects in the clear water.

Blue Caves in Zakynthos

Blue Caves in Zakynthos @Marcus Povey/Flick


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