The Old Town and the Acropolis of the city Limenas in Thassos

The old town of Limenas

The old town of Limenas ©wallygrom/Flick

The small town of Limenas, also known as Thassos, is the capital and the main port of the island, located on the northern coast of the island. This city, besides of its modern part, has a more interesting and more beautiful Old Town, that has a great archeological value with its museums and ruins scattered over all its surface.

At 137 m above the sea level, on the unpaved road that starts from the Ancient Amphitheatre, the Acropolis of Limenas is the first hill of the three hills of te ancient city that forms in the upper part a plateau.


The Old Town of Limenas

The old harbor and the old market in the Old Town of Limenas are quite picturesque, and in the middle of the Ancient Agora you can still see the gallery of columns decorated with statues and shrines dedicated to deities. The old conservatory was the place where were organized a series of musical concerts and the sanctuaries of Hercules, Poseidon and Dionysus were the most important religious places in Thassos.

The old port of Limenas

The old port of Limenas © ronsaunders47/Flick

The pine forests of the hill were dominated by the ancient theater since the fifth century BC and on the hill top today you will find the ancient walls of the Acropolis with the ruins of the temple of Athena. Below this, along the southwestern walls you can see the gates of Hercules, Dionysus and Silen, and in the bottom the ones of Zeus and Hera. Besides these, you can admire many old churches as well such as the Church of St. Nicholas or the monastery of Vatopediou, which rises proudly in the middle of the dock, which is the symbol of Limenas.

The marble quarry is worth visiting and the Archaeological Museum as well, which presents sculptures, ceramics, pottery, coins and many other objects discovered during the excavations that took place throughout the whole island.

The Old Town of Limenas continues to attract more and more tourists each year, eager for knowledge, as a walk through these places is like a trip into the past!

Marble quarry above Limenas

Marble quarry above Limenas ©wallygrom/Flick

The Acropolis of Limenas

Since the ancient times and in the Byzantine period, this long and narrow embankment was part of the defense system of the city and was surrounded by a medieval castle.

Besides the beautiful scenery that the Acropolis of the city of Limenas in Thassos offers, there was the sanctuary of Pythian Apollo as well, which housed the riches of the city, but there were also two of the most important temples of the city, the Temple of goddess Athena and the Temple of god Pan, the latter being located at the top of the hill and carved in rock.

The old town of Limenas

The old town of Limenas ©wallygrom/Flick


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