The Most Beautiful Greek Beaches

Greece Naxos ©butterflies27/flickr

Naxos ©butterflies27/flickr

Agia Anna beach in Naxos next to the port that is six kilometres is one of the most beautiful beach in Greece. It has white sand and crystal clear water. The total length of this beach is only 1.2 kilometres and next to it is a four kilometres Plaka beach that is definitely worth a visit. It is a place for getting a panoramic view.

The Agios Prokopios is also with super fine sand. You can rent an umbrella and simply do some suntanning and soaking into the sunshine and sea. For those active ones, there are water sports games awaiting you. In a perfect climate and a scenic nature, Naxos is just perfect for a relaxing vacation.


This is a quieter beach between Glyfada beach and Pyrgaki beach of Naxos Island. There is a Cedar forest other than the sandy beach, so it makes a great place for walking, relaxing, mountain biking, wind surfing, swimming and event to so some wather sports. It is great to be used as a base for daily excursions. There are countless capes and beaches, depending on your interests, you select one that suits you best.


17 kilometres from Chora, you can fine white sand dune beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters, and shady cedars. This is just what Kastraki beach is about. Feel the magic of these much of Greek sunlight.

Mikri Vigla

Just near to Kastraki, Mikri Vigla is a wind-surfer’s beach as it is mostly windy. Though not the best beach for swimming, it is certainly one of the paradise for wind-surfers.

Agios Georgios

This is one of the two resorts on Corfu with excellent beaches for couples and family. Smell those souvalakis in a distance. And frappes is the most popular drink you must try. It is about 45 minutes to get to the beach from Corfu town. However, this is the real happening place, where bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants are, for you to party from dusk til dawn!


You must also see the scenic Palestrikaeo, turquoise coves as well as pine covered hills.


Greece Glyfada ©nuntius/flickr

Glyfada ©nuntius/flickr

Glyfada, the Beverly Hills of Greece, is a great day tripping place, is a suburb of Athens. It is special as it stretches from the foot of the Hymettus mountain and embrace the Saronic Gulf.

The largest southern suburb, it has many upmarket cafes, restaurants, cosmopolitan summer clubs and boutiques. Shopping paradise for people who loves shopping. 


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