The Monastery of Saint Patapios in Loutraki

View from the Monastery of Saint Patapios

View from the Monastery of Saint Patapios ©PureOnsense/Flick

The Monastery of Saint Patapios in Loutraki, also known as Agios Patapios or Osios Patapios, is an Orthodox monastery with nuns. It is located at just 14 kilometers from the town of Loutraki in Greece, at an altitude of 700 meters in the Geraneia Mountains. The Monastery of Saint Patapios belongs to the Church of Greece.

The monastery lies on the heights around Corinth. Miraculous relics of Blessed Patapios are placed in one of the caves inside the monastery. The cave located near the one that houses the relics, is the place where the patron saint had lived. The Venerable Patapios is known as one of the cancer healer saints.

The Monastery of Saint Patapios

The Monastery of Saint Patapios ©Tilemahos Efthimiadis/Flick

The foundation of the monastery

The Monastery of Loutraki, dedicated to St. Patapios from the Thebes of Egypt was founded in 1952, at the will of Father Nectarios Kyriakos. The blessing for the construction was given by Procopius, the Bishop of Corinth, choosing the cave with the relics of St. Patapios and its surroundings .

The cave of Saint Patapios

His relics were found in the cave in 1904 by Father Constantine Sosanis . They were found under a roof of tiles and leaves, made ​​to be protected from the humidity of the cave. They spread a pleasant odor. Over them was placed a scroll with the name of Saint Patapios, a large wooden cross and several Byzantine coins.

Today in the cave of the saint already exists a small church and a sacristy, both carved into the mountain. This cave is located in the northwestern part of the central church of the monastery. The relics are kept in a beautifully carved wooden coffin deep in the cave.

Inside the cave there are some wonderful Byzantine frescoes dating from the 13th century. Among the ones preserved until today you can see those which depicts St. Patapios – Osios Patapios, the Holy Patience – Osia Ypomoni and St. Nikon Metaniote – Osios Nikonas.

View from the Monastery of Saint Patapios

View from the Monastery of Saint Patapios ©PureOnsense/Flick

The community of the monastery

When the Monastery of Loutraki was founded, Sister Patapia was named abbess, along with Father Nectarios Kyriakos as a spirtitual parent to all the congregation. Today the monastery community on the heights of Corinth include about 40 nuns, each enlivened in her cell in prayer and ascetic.

The relics of the monastery

The central church of the Monastery of Loutraki is dedicated to Our Lady. In the church is preserved, to the delight of the nuns and pilgrims, the head of Saint Ipomoni – the mother of Constantine Palaeologus, the last Byzantine emperor -, and part of the relics of St. Nikon.

Loutraki, Greece

Loutraki, Greece ©Tilemahos Efthimiadis/Flick

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