The historical village of Alyki in Thassos

Beautiful view at Alyki

Beautiful view at Alyki @wallygrom/Flick

Located on the southeast coast of Thassos, at just 35 km from the town with the same name, Alyki is one of the most beautiful villages of the island, which has two bays and a cape, known as the “Holy Rock of Thassos”.

Aliki is a relaxing destination for everyone, from children, to those who like a quiet vacation or the lovers of snorkeling or scuba diving. A trip to Aliki will wake anyone’s passion for the magic of Greece, unchanged by the passing of time , this being a village where you will find the flavor and the picturesque of the old Hellas.


Ancient ruins in Alyki

At the edge of the village of Alyki it can still be see today the ruins of a temple built in the seventh century B.C. This place of worship was used frequently until the apparition of the Christian era. There is a narrow road that leads to two early Christian basilicas built from the materials of the sanctuary, which were fallen due to neglect over time.

The ruins at Alyki

The ruins at Alyki @wallygrom/Flick

In the west of this place can be seen the ancient marble quarries. These pits were used during the Ottoman Empire. The marble was cut and loaded on ships during the 6th century BC – 6th century AD VI and the two bays of the small village of Alyki were known as the port from where the Thassanian white marble was exported to other Mediterranean ports. The Marble quarry was abandoned due to unanticipated events such as the earthquake in 365 AD or the one in 1509. Today can be seen only stone blocks on the seafloor.

On the eastern shore of the promontory are the ruins of a sanctuary built between the 6th – 5th centuries BC, which was dedicated to the gods, perhaps the Dioscuri brothers to protect the ships and the sailors in their sea voyages.

Beautiful view at Alyki

Beautiful view at Alyki @wallygrom/Flick

The beautiful beaches of Alyki

Today, the crystal clear water and the golden sandy beaches – where are also many bars and taverns -, roads leading to the ruins and places full of history that attracts every year more and more visitors, make this small village called Alyki one of the most beautiful places on Earth with one of the most popular beaches of the island Thassos!

In Aliki are two beaches within two bays separated by a spit, called the “Holy Rock of Thassos.” The first beach is in the south bay and is sandy and promenade is dotted with bars and taverns. The second beach is located near the archaeological site and has some more gravel. Both have a very clean water and offer some great views.

The beach of Alyki

The beach of Alyki @wallygrom/Flick


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