The Grand Master Palace and the Monolithos Castle of Rhodes

The Grand Masters Palace in Rhodes

The Grand Masters Palace in Rhodes ©roger4336/Flick

The Grand Master Palace is one of the tallest buildings in the north-western part of the port. The medieval castle that stands proudly over the cliffs of the island was an important defense against invaders. The Monolithos Castle is an ancient castle which offers splendid views for tourists who visit the villages of the Island of Rhodes.

Monolithos is a small village located at 77 km to the south east from the town of Rhodes. The village remained almost untouched by tourism development and is ideal for hiking. It spreads like an amphitheater at the foot of Mount Akramtys with an altitude of 825 m, the highest in Rhodes.

The Grand Master Palace

The Grand Master Palace in Rhodes was built by the Knights of St. John in the fourteenth century, but the gunpowder forgotten in the basement of St. John Church, the official church of the order of the Knights of Rhodes in the vicinity of the Palace converted into a mosque by the Turks, exploded because the minaret was hit by a lightning. In the terrible explosion 800 people lost their lives, the church was completely destroyed, as part of the remains of the Palace ,left at that time. In 1937 the Italians restored the castle and decorated it with Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine mosaics and was completed in 1940 by architect Mesturino.

The Grand Masters Palace in Rhodes

The Grand Masters Palace in Rhodes ©James Bird/Flick

The Grand Master Palace has many rooms with antique furniture, exquisite polychrome marble, sculptures, rugs and fine oriental dishes. The most important rooms include the Great Reception Hall, the Waiting Room, the Mosaic Medusa room exclusively dedicated to icons, the impressive Ballroom and the elegant Music Hall. Inside the castle you will find works of art collected by the Italians, porcelain, carved wood statues and mosaics.

The Grand Masters Palace in Rhodes

The Grand Masters Palace in Rhodes ©roger4336/Flick

The Monolithos Castle

The Monolithos Castle in Rhodes lies atop a huge cliff, at 100 meters above the city. It is a Venetian castle built in 1480 to protect the area from the pirates and the enemies. Today the castle is in ruins, but has an absolutely gorgeous view over the beach and the Fourni beach on the opposite part of the coast. It is one of the four quite strong castles of the island in medieval times, of which remained only the fortifications. You will find two chapels from the fifteenth century inside the walls, the Chapel of St. George and the Chapel of Sf.Pantelimon.

To reach the Monolithos Castle, you have to climb a narrow path with many steps surrounded by lush vegetation. Most of the castle walls are in ruin. There are also many tanks, which were used to collect water and to supply the whole area.

The Monolithos Castle in Rhodes

The Monolithos Castle in Rhodes ©Forrestal_PL/Flick


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