The Five ‘M’ places in Greece

Meteora ©Cara BlackIt is not a coincidence that the best places to visit in Greece other than Mykonos are beginning with ‘M’. The first to mention being Meteora. Meteora offers you none other than a relaxing spiritual tour. What people are normally recommended is the monasteries which are on the large pinnacles of the smooth rock. This place is like a peaceful haven for the monks. Several ways to get there include by coach or by car. You can also join the three days or four days tours through travel agents or via the hotels. Be sure to know that you need to hire a driver or drive by yourself if you are not planning the visit within May to October. Also do not think about visiting the abandoned ones. Usually they are not open to public. The top six that you may possibly plan your visit are the Varlaam, Great Meteoroon, Holy Trinity, St. Stephen, Rossanou and St. Nicholas Anapausas.

The mountain called ‘Mount Athos’ is also a peninsula in the northern part of Greece. What is special to see is the massive number of monks in the Halkidiki peninsula. However, this is only a place allowing male tourists. With white pebbled beach, the Myrtos Beach has magical waters. One great way to enjoy is to find a shady spot toward the cave and find a time when the water is calm. Recommended times to go are in the early morning or the late afternoon. Some parts of the day, there are strong undercurrents. It has free parking and extremely clean yet free toilet and shower facilities. Furthermore, there are lots of sun beds on rental. If you want a good view off the bay, just drive slightly further where a clear blue ocean can be seen.

Mystras ©ecotourism-greeceMystras is near ancient Sparta used to function as the capital in the 14th and 15th centuries. It is one of the most amazing sites in Peloponnesus which is part of the Gulf of Corinth has many modern cities. The modern cities are namely Corinth, Patras, Kalamata, Tripoli, Pyrgos, Argos, Aigion, Nafplion and Sparta. Amongst these cities, Patras is having more than 210,000 inhabitants. It has many archeological sites and splendid ruins. Myrtos does not have a resort attach to it like the others. There are even sights of goats in herds climbing the mountain cliffs. Mystras also have high white cliffs known as Kimilia.


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