The Charming Folegandros

KERAMOUTI ©ronsaunders47

KERAMOUTI ©ronsaunders47

Small sunny Aegean island, Folegandros is a natural beauty. Besides, the residents on this island are very hospitable people. That makes it such a wonderful destination. As it belongs to the southwest Cyclades, there are nearby islands like the Sikinos islands and the Milos. With forty kilometers of sea shore and just some distance from the port of Piraeus. Mountainous as Chora is, there are rocky grounds too. There are lacy shores, wild mountains, fields and the scenery changes. Arrive at the port of Karavostasis, and plan some time to see the Chora of Folegandros especially the Venetian castle. At 200 metres altitude, Chora is so ever famous for being the most stunning looking Cycladic settlement. Then see Aggali, the homonym beach and the Ano Mera plus the green wide fields.


The locals call it racomelo. Well, it is a warm mixed alcoholic drink. It has honey, and raki. Raki is also Tskoudia which is grape-based pomace brandy of Cretan origin. When Tsipouro is combined with honey, cinnamon, cardamom and some regional herbs, you get Rakomelo. Since it is warm, it is best for the winter. A baked version is Amorgos regional drink. Also from raki, sugar and spices are combined. This is not so warm but rather in room temperature. It has more spices than rakomelo, usually cinnamon. With 1 or 2 teaspoons of honey, add four shots of raki, one clove, one teaspoon of cinnamon. Warm them in a briki (cezve) like the greek coffee and viola, your rakomelo is ready!

Must Try Dishes

Messinia Peloponnisos ©Dennis/flickr


You must try the homemade dishes in particular from Karavostasis, Ano Mera, Chora as well as Aggali. Choose the terrace with a good and picturesque settlement view of Folegandros. The traditional homemade Matsata, Kalasouna and Karpouzenia for example. They are special because of the fresh ingredients from that region. Matasata is like a pasta spaghetti dish. Sometimes it is made with rooster, onions, red wine, mash tomatoes or fresh tomatoes. Spices like cinnamon, bay leaf, pepper, even grated mitzithra or ricotta cheese are added. Souroto cheese is rather used in the cheese pie and that is what you will see when you order Kalasouna. As for the dessert, it is using their very own watermelon from the Folegandros island. The Karpouzenia is a sweet pie with honey and sesame. Try one of these and you will be tasting the authentic Folegandros.

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