The Caldera of the Island of Santorini

View of the Santorini Caldera

View of the Santorini Caldera ©jurvetson/Flick

Santorini is a small island in the circular archipelago of volcanic islands, forming the edge of an active volcano that still forms islands in the center. This is one of the main attractions in Europe.

The island is famous for the diverse and spectacular scenery, volcanic sand beaches in its red and black color (which is unique to these islands), for the hot springs, the submarine for underwater landscapes and famous cafes, bars and nightclubs as well. The Island of Santorini in Greece is a real tourist jewel, because here you will find so many interesting things, that you will want to move there.

Those who step on the Greek island of Santorini really need to see the volcanic islands of the Caldera. The volcano is one of the most visited tourist attractions of the island, consisting of two volcanic islands, called Palea and Nea Kameni, these being formed the latest. The volcanic islands is a unique opportunity for tourists in search of extraordinary natural landscapes.

Visiting the Caldera in Santorini

Tourist access is facilitated by daily cruises and the rout starts from the port of Athinios or from the old port of Fira. This way you can embark on a trip at sea, in the center of the flooded volcano to visit the islands that represents the remains of the former islands that were destroyed by the volcanic eruption. This visit includes the visiting to the volcano and hot springs, where tourists can swim. It also ilcides a visit to Thirasia, where you can swim and take a lunch.

The Caldera of Santorini

The Caldera of Santorini ©palindrome6996/Flick


Thirassia is located just in the west of the Caldera of Santorini. The village of the same name is on the rocks ridges and offers a beautiful view of the volcano crater. The rock ridges decorated by nature are one of the reasons why the islands of the old Caldarea are an important attraction for the tourists.

View of the Santorini Caldera

View of the Santorini Caldera ©jurvetson/Flick

The two caldera islands

As we already mentioned, there are two Caldera Islands in Santorini. The first one is Palea Kameni, which is quite small and far away, but very beautiful. This formed in 157 AD, which means it already has a very rich history and tradition behind. The second is the Island of Nea Kameni. It only apperard later, by the early years of the eighteenth century.

As a dream tourist destination, Santorini awaits you with all its wonders throughout the whole year. Do not hesitate to visit it, because you will get a very nice and well deserved vacation!

Caldera Island in Santorini

Caldera Island in Santorini ©


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