The archaeological site of Ancient Corint

Ancient Corinth

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Ancient Corinth was founded in the 10th century BC, getting to be among the most important and richest cities in Greece, being a renowned cultural, economic and sports center. The Romans destroyed the city and the population as well, but later Julius Caesar manages to restore the life of the city, rebuilding it and making it the capital of the province of Achaia.

The archaeological site of Ancient Corinth is an invaluable wealth of Greece, a testament of its history of thousands of years old and of the creativity of the people of that times, who managed to create such proofs of eternity.

The ruins belonging to the ancient city of Corinth are located at only 8 miles at the southwest of the present city of Corinth. The road leading to the largest archaeological site in Greece is the offering tourists who decide to know the history of the place, a great panorama of the place. This was previously the road linking the city of Corinth and Lechaio.

Ruins of Ancient Corinth

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The attractions of the Ancient Corinth

The most remarkable monuments found in this site are the temple of Apollo, the Sacred Spring, Bema, the Fountain of Peiren, the Ancient Agora and the vestiges of the old site. The Temple of Apollo was built in the late 6th century BC on a hill offering a beautiful view over the Roman Agora. Today are standing only 7 of the 38 Doric columns that were part of the great Greek temple. Paul arrived in these lands to preach and he did that on the Bema platform. The Sacred Spring is a sacred fountain dating from the 5th century BC. The Fountain of Peiren was rebuilt in the Second Century AC by Herodes Atticus. The Old Theatre, built in the third century BC, has a capacity of around 18,000 seats. The central market had a rectangular shape, it was 160 m long and 70 m wide. Other things that can be seen on this site include the temples of Venus, Hercules, Poseidon and others.

Ancient Corinth

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The Archaeological Museum

In Ancient Corinth you will find the Archaeological Museum containing various objects found in the archaeological site and in other Greek sites as well. You will find here objects from the prehistoric, geometric, archaic and classical period, as well as Roman and Byzantine objects including statues, pottery, murals and mosaics.

Archeological Museum of Ancient Corinth

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The Acrocorinth

Th Ancient Corinth is located at the foot of the Acropolis of Corinth called Acrocorinth. It is a very beautiful tourist attraction that is rich in history, being fortified by many Greek leaders and modified by all of the cultures who conquered Greece. Those who climb to the Acrocorint will not only get a unique experience but will have a superb view over old town of Corinth.

The Acrocorint

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