Spring of the Greece

Greece ©Helga's Lobster Stew/flickr

©Helga's Lobster Stew/flickr

From November through March, it is still a low season to travel to Greece. There are pros and cons of traveling to Greece in a time like this. Most people would travel during the mid season that is from April through mid July. Then, it will be the high season until August. If you want to see Fall of Greece, you should then plan your trip to be in September and October. Progressively Cold and Rainy, it is still the low season. At times there are nice weather, but most people will not travel this time partly due to work schedules and work commitments. Others avoid it because of the weather conditions and there are less tours operating at this time. Larger hotels are closed during this low season. The local Greeks return to Athens, and even the Albanians.  They have so called winter jobs and summer jobs to distinct from. Usually the Greeks you meet are working there only for that season, they are called transient work. Depending on which part of Greece you are speaking about too, the Crete is an exception. Rhodes has a larger population and also due to its warmer weather, they have a longer season.

Spring-The Mid Season


Spring Flowers

Spring flowers are everywhere, in particular in the countryside. If you want to absorb yourself in a fairy tale atmosphere, this is the time when most isolated mountain tract looked so different set next to the spring flowers. Even the decayed ancient ruin sites are beautifully decorated. Flower lovers and nature enthusiasts can get to discover these six thousand species of Greek flowers. You can at least see seven hundred of them that are special to Greece only. And due tot the micro-climates, these unique Greek flowers are encourage an independent development. the mountains has a big role to play on this. For birds lovers, you will be able to find 450 species of migrating birds and those that lives in Greece.

End of March

End March is not exactly a good time, for in Greece, it is the rainy season. At times even in April, it still continues to rain occasionally. Those who loves the rain will enjoy being there at this time of the year. Students with plenty of time to travel around will find this time an amazing one to discover Greece.

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