South of Fira, Karterados



Want to know which is a traditional village that is closer to Santorini? It is the Karterados. This village is inside two rivers, if you do not know it, you might even know its existence. It is invisible from everywhere, thus its name ‘hidding spot’ or Karterados and it is an ambush point. There are beautiful traditional Santorini architecture for a great photography opportunities. The village next to the stream in a ravine dates back to the 17th century. Cave houses are built as the kind of original dwellings for the Greek in those days. They are very deep into the rock face. Two centuries later, it became one of the large sea captain village. There used to be ambushes set up to trap marauding pirates. In the square of this village is a traditional windmill. You can find a memorial plaque of those who fought in the WWII. Following the road that curves sharply to the left leads you to the ‘Steps of Galaios’. And again you can find cobbled streets in a small neighbourhood, with cave houses and captains houses other than shops.

Perissa and Kamari

Perissa ©


The other town to see is the three thousand year old Greek town Perissa, and the must see here is the Messa Vuna. On the summit of the mountain between Kamari and Perissa, relics in the Athens are mostly excavated from this part. By the tours you might be able to get there due to no organized trips to it. It is not an easy place to access to, not for those with mobility problems nor those with heart issues. Most likely a three kilometers hike up the 600 meters high hill is necessary. Then you need to walk round the ruins in the early morning if possible since the Ancient Thira closes by 1430 in the afternoon. You may also explore further by going up to the monastery via those paths, to Perissa or Kamari. Going downwards, it leads you to Pyrgos. This sea-side village Perissa is an amazing place with long black sand. You can enjoy the usual water based activities. Do try to experience the surroundings via a water taxi which can take you round the headland to the town of Kamari, the other seaside village on the southeastern side of Santorini. Kamari can lead you to the Ancient Thira by buses, by car or on foot.

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