Rodovani and the surrounding villages in South Chania

Beautiful scenery with olives in Chania

Beautiful scenery with olives in Chania ©outofsocks/Flick

Chania is a famous area of Crete with a beautiful scenery, natural attractions, stunning cities, charming villages and many important tourist destinations. If you travel to Crete, you should visit some of the villages, it can be a true refreshment to the body and soul. Today we present you Rodovani and other surrounding villages in Southern Chania.

Rodovani is a beautiful tiny village and it is surrounded by the village of Epanochori and Prases with different traditional houses located in the middle of nature, the beautiful villages of Kandanos and Papadiana with their olive trees.



Rodovani is a small village in the south of Chania and western Crete with traditional architecture, narrow streets and stone houses. Rodovani is surrounded by luxurious vegetation and wild mountain scenery. It iss located on the road to Sougia, a small fishing village near Paleochora. Archaeologists believe that this place was an ancient city, but only a few relics were found.

Cretan stone house

Cretan stone house ©Luigi Rosa/Flick


Prases is a village in Southern Chania at about 30 km from the city of Chania. It has stone houses and it is surrounded by wild and beautiful nature at the same time. Near Prases is the Agia Irene keys with the two monasteries from the 13th century mentioned above. It has a luxurious nature that is composed mainly of chestnut trees, olive groves and pine trees.


Epanochori is a lovely village of South Chania situated about 45 km from the provincial capital of Chania. Located between the mountains and surrounded by wild nature the village has traditional, but very chic houses. It is located at an altitude of 600 m and is very close to the Agia Irene keys, where is visible the church of Jesus Christ built in the 13th century and Agios Georgios. Close to Epanochori are many traditional villages, such as Prases, surrounded by olive groves and chestnut trees.

The Agios Georgios Bay

The Agios Georgios Bay ©Mr Martineau/Flick


The village of Kandana is located in the south of Chania, on the road to Paleochora. It is a wonderful village built in a fertile region with many olive groves. In fact, this region offers the best production of virgin olive oil from Crete, some olive trees having 600 years. The name of the city dates from pre-Greek period and means “City of Victory”. During the Byzantine and Venetian period the village of Kandana flourished, many rich people building their homes here. Around the village are many monasteries and Byzantine churches, most of them dating from the 14th and 15th centuries.


Papadiana is a charming little village in South Chania on the way to Sougia and Paleochora. With a small number of people whose occupation is mainly agriculture, Papadiana has a traditional architecture with stone houses and narrow streets. Papadiana is surrounded by luxuriant vegetation and wild mountain views. The vegetation also includes olive groves that produce virgin olive oil, because of what Crete is so popular.

Beautiful scenery with olives in Chania

Beautiful scenery with olives in Chania ©outofsocks/Flick

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