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Afandou Beach


Hidden in the mountain villages, and far from the cosmopolitan settlements along the shore. Villages of Embonas, Monolithos, Kritinia, Agios Isidoros, Profillia, Psinthos, Laerma, Salako, Mesanagros, Arnitha, Siana and Agia Eleousa have all preserve the native color.

Expect to see the Rhodian countryside with churches, old castles and beautiful architectures. The traditional island dishes are best found in small Greek tavernas. Rhodian wine are in old cellers of the mountain villages.


The village of Afandou was founded when pirates used to overrun the islands of Mediterranean. The word ‘Afandou’ is from ‘afandos’ and it means ‘invisible’. It is an appropriate name as this village cannot be seen from the sea at all. It has a huge beach which extends to a length of more than three kilometers. Clear waters, some areas with rocks and caves for those adventurous ones. Visit the Our Lady Katholiki Church which is very special as the wall paintings decorating it dates back to the 17th century. If you like golf, there is the Afandou golf relative close to the village.


About 64km away from Rhodes City is the village of Asklipio with a superb Byzantine church and a medieval castle. Relatively small but a village full of life with its fairly large population, the square in front of the Church of the Dormition is the center. Extraordinary Byzantine wall paintings awaits you in the interiors and be sure you do not miss going inside. The church’s old olive press next to it is a small folklore museum, then go up to the castle  and see those medieval fortifications and its offering of a marvellous view of the beach that stretches endlessly from Kiotari to Gennadi.


Eleousa ©pana53/flickr

Eleousa ©pana53/flickr

Eleousa is a very small village surrounded by plane trees. This is a place with lot sof verdant parts of the Greek island and it offers pure country air and great nature. Even the sound is beautiful, imagine running waters that is so pleasant to your ears just to simply relax. Check out the derelict, Italian sanatorium, the Italian aqueduct above the village. Have a good meal in one of the local restaurants. Stuff some kolokythoanthous with cheese. They are zucchini flowers. Try the pitaroudia with pumpkin, onion and tomato and the goat cooked in red sauce served with beans.

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