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Taxi in Crete

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The KTEL is a public transportation network that covers the entire island of Crete. The KTEL buses are efficient and have reasonable prices, linking major cities and resorts of Crete.

A trip by taxi is quite reasonable in Crete, the charge of one kilometer outside the city is about 1 euro. The price for one kilometer is slightly smaller in the city.

It is easy to rent a car in Crete, you just to need to have a driver’s license in possession. It’s a pleasant way to visit this island.


The city of Heraklion is the public transport center to other locations in Crete and the main station is Station A, located on the Koundouritios street at a 10 minutes walk from downtown. There is also a station B in the western part of the city, but both have specific destinations, so it is good to know where exactly you want to go on the island. The program of buses is daily between 06:00 and 23:00.

Regarding the public transportation tickets, most stations in major cities and resorts have ticket office. If you can’t find it, you can also pay the trip to the bus drivers. Local buses on the island of Crete are comfortable, they have air conditioning and drivers announce the stops in advance. It is sufficient space for luggage, but you should know that it can agglomerate, so you might be forced to stand. The cost of KTEL bus trips in Crete starts at 1.8 euros.

A journey between Heraklion and Chania takes about 2 hours and a half. The program of buses may vary and in summer the number of transportation vehicles between the locations in Crete increases.

KTEL busses in Crete

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If you choose this way of public transportation in Crete you do need to make sure that the driver starts the meter or you should fix a price in advance. Most of the times there is an extra charge if you take a taxi from the airport or the port.

If you take a taxi from a special station, you will often see the prices displayed to the major destinations in the area. You can also stop a taxi on the street or call one for a small fee. In Greece applies the general rule for multiple passengers that go in the same direction: the driver collects the amount of money from each passenger for the trip.

Try to say the destination correctly, various misunderstandings may arise based on the wrong pronunciation of Greek names. Therefore it is advisable to indicate the destination on a map.

Taxi in Crete

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Rent a car

Car rental prices vary depending on vehicle type, duration and season. Prices for rental in Greece are very small, but you can get some discounts in the less crowded periods.

If you choose this way of public transportation in Crete you can book in advance a car from one of Europe’s leading companies such as Avis or Hertz, which have offices in Crete. You can request special seats for children.

Before you rent a car, you must ensure that you receive all the documents and the vehicle is not damaged or scratched. You must pay attention to insurance, which should cover any incident, and the number of miles that you can take.

Avis Rent a car office

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