Pitoresque villages near Chania

View of Crete vith the village of Kalyves

View of Crete vith the village of Kalyves ©GOC53/Flick

Crete is an ideal tourist destination with many unforgettable places. The state of Chania is one of the most visited places pf the Island and if you have already chosen your accommodation place in the the city of Chania, the center of the region, you might want to visit some pitoresque villages that are located at only 20 minutes from the city.

These settlements include the village of Platanias at 15 km to the west, the village of Stylos at 18 to the south east, the village of Kalyves at 20 to the south-east and the village of Therissos at 20 km to the south from the city of Chania.



Platanias is a village located at about 15 km at the west of Chania and is the largest resort in western Crete. The village owes its name to numerous plane trees (platania in Greek) on the banks of the Plane River, which is located at the entrance of the village.

View from the Platanias hill

View from the Platanias hill ©freddie boy/Flick


Kalyves is a picturesque village on the seashore located at about 20 km to the southeast from the city of Chania. Gradually developing into a destination for tourists who want tranquility, it is ideal for families with its long sandy beach near the village center. With a strong insular character, Kalyves offers two accommodation options: an old building, covered with red tiles and a new one with new homes. In the center is an old mill, the first hydroelectric station, used in the early 20th century. Other beautiful villages to visit in this region are: Armenia, with large plane trees and drinkable water, and Neo Chorie with a Venetian oil press.

View of Crete vith the village of Kalyves

View of Crete vith the village of Kalyves ©GOC53/Flick


Theriossos is a small Cretan village built at the foot of the White Mountain at an altitude of 580 meters and at 20 km to the south of Chania. The city is famous for its incredible beauty, glorious history, but also dairy products.

The Terisso Gorge

The Terisso Gorge ©GOC53/Flick


Stylos is a lovely village at just 18 km to the south-east of the city of Chania, offering an overview of the rural life and the traditional architecture of Crete. With narrow streets and stone houses, Stylos worth visited. Its main feature is the luxurious vegetation. The plane trees forests and streams are spread around creating a natural environment that is perfect for hiking and relaxing in the hot summer days. The village is surrounded by many Byzantine monasteries and churches like the Church of St. John and the Panagia Zerviotissa church built in the 12th century and called Monastir by the locals. Other beautiful villages that can be visited around the village of Stylos are Samonas, which has an impressive cave with stalactites and stalagmites, Rami and Kales.

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