Oldest wine-producing regions in Greece

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Greek Wines

6500 years ago marked the first and earliest evidence of Greek wine. Wines exported from Crete and Monemvasia in the medieval times fetched great prices in the northern parts of Europe. The various wine regions in Greece other than Crete are: the Aegean Islands, Central Greece, Epirus, Ionian Islands, Macedonia and Peloponnese. There are several interesting red wine grape varieties: Agiorghitiko, Xinomavro, Mandilaria, Mavrodaphne and Kotsifali. Agiorgitiko has an interesting name, it is a heat-resistant Greek wine-making grape that is red and traditionally grown in Nemea region of Peloponnese.

Red Greek Wine Grape Varieties

From soft to very tannic, all depends on the processes and the factors in the growing. For example, the grape is planted in infertile and dry soil. In this way, fewer and concentrated grapes can be produced and they ripen after the mid of September. The wine is made in a varietal style, this means it is blended with Cabernet Sauvignon near to Metsovo. The special thing about wine made in this region of Nemea is that it is often made into roses of oak-aged red wines. Characteristically, you will get a spicy wine with notes of plum that is of low acidity. Great for those who likes good coloring and fruitiness of the red wine. Metsovo is just a town in Epirus. It is on the mountains of Pindus, somewhere between Meteora and Ioannina. This place is also famous for its local Metsovone cheeses other than the winmaking industries. You are recommended to visit Averoff Gallery dedicated to Georgios Averoff. In winter, it is a popular ski resort. Sour black or Xinomavro is cultivated in Northern Greece mainly the prefecture of Imathia and Amyntaion areas. It is commonly been compared to Barolo, Burgundy and Bordeaux.


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Mandilaria Grapes

Mandilaria is also a red wine grape that is great as a blending component and it is a variety which is mostly grown in Greek Isles. The wine produced from this grape is light bodied but having a deep color. As for Mavrodafni, it is a black wine grape mainly produced in the Northern Peloponnese and the Achaia region. It tastes sweet and you can get fortified wine from it. The matured wine has its fermentation stopped by the addition of distillate of the older vintages. It has residual sugar and later completing its maturation in the underground cellars. They made best dessert wine, usually opaque, dark purple to dark color. Unique flavours lke raisins, chocolate and coffee or even caramel can be found.


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