Mykonos, White-Washed Alleys

Greece Mykonos ©Apel.les/flickr

Mykonos ©Apel.les/flickr

Cubist Style, Cubist StandpointOne of the Cyclades 220 Greek islands that is worth visiting is Mykonos. This amazing island is one of the most cosmopolitan islands in Europe. With the beautiful Aegean Sea, it is visited by many European vacationers, especially true for it was frequented by International celebrities every year.

Named in honor of Apollo’s grandson Mykons, Mykonos is at a glance beautiful with the cubist Cycladic architecture. Golden beaches with bronze bodies, white buildings. In the ’60s, it was in a way endorsed by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, the First Lady of the 35th President of United States.


Pleasure seekers, of the young, and the hip are drawn to Mykonos. It was in history especially in the ’70s when it made world headlines on celebrity pages of the top magazines. Models, celebrities, gay partiers and of course, the international jet-setters embraced this place, thereby capturing the world’s imagination until today.

Pleasant buzz of activity

October is a good time. Less clogged restaurants and most importantly less clogged streets. At night, it has the most vibrant night life. In Winter, small film festival and cultural events are held here.

What to see and do

Greece Mykonos ©Emma_L_M/flickr

Mykonos ©Emma_L_M/flickr

The south shore is the best. Go to the beaches for the nature outdoorsy type. In addition, if you want to see pristine aqua-blue waters, Platis Yialos which offers a wide variety of watersports is a good choice. Water-skiing or windsurfing for the active ones, or grab a sweeping top of the hill views of a beautiful landscape at the pebbled beach ‘Agia Anna’, St. Anne Beach.  Vegetable-dyed hand-loomed weavings: Art galleries are abundant. One of the highlights is to see the island’s traditional loomed goods. See the 300-year-old Mykonian house. Many shops are selling overpriced souvenirs, clothing and jewelry. Greek organic foods and natural cosmetics. Those who loves shopping will probably also want to check out the shop in a beautifully restored 300-year-old Mykonian house.

Real Greek Pampering

Pampering yourself is a must when you are in Greece. Go for the Fish Spa or fish pedicure. This spa is about letting those fishes specialize in nibbling the dry skin for your tired feet – a great way to ease those hours and hours of walking.

Getting there

Getting there can be by air, by boat or even by bus. There are cruise-ship carrying day-trippers.

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