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Inside the Archeological Museum in Thassos

Inside the Archeological Museum in Thassos © Julia Gillen/Flick

Built right next to the entry of the Ancient Agora in Limenas, the capital of the Island of Thassos, the Archaeological Museum maintains an extensive collection of archaeological artifacts discovered during excavations conducted here and is considered one of the most important museums of the Greek provinces.

One of the three folk museums of Thassos is located in the wonderful mountain village of Theologos, the former capital of the island, whose houses impress with their traditional architecture. Known as Folk Museum of Theologos, it is housed in the center of the village.

The Archaeological Museum

Right from the entrance, visitors can admire in the Archaeological Museum of Thassos a series of statues in the garden in front of the museum, the most important ones including those that depict a lion and an eagle. The exhibits of the museum are dating from the VII century BC – VII AD, some of the artifacts found on the island were stolen during the reign the Ototman Empire and scattered all over the world.

The collections of the Archeological Museum help the visitor to create an idea of the ​​institutions, way of life and customs of the inhabitants along the ancient times by exposing objects such as sculptures of goddesses – Aphrodite, Dionysus, Nemesis Adrian, various busts and statues made ​​of marble or stone vases, ceramic amphorae, a variety of architectural drawings, silver and copper coins. The most remarkable exhibits are the collection of coins that are emblazoned with the head of Dionysus and Silen’s stolen bride, and a 3.5 m high statue of a young man from the archaic period of Greece.

The Archaeological Museum of Thassos was recently renovated, the grand opening took place in the June of 2010.

Inside the Archeological Museum in Thassos

Inside the Archeological Museum in Thassos © Julia Gillen/Flick

The Theologos Museum

The exhibits of the Theologos Museum in Thassos are arranged over the two floors of the building. On the first floor is a large collection of tools and machines used in the daily work of the locals of those times, such as copies of olive oil mills and flour mills. The upper floor presents the traditional house of Thassos as it was decades ago. Here you can see the living room with a fireplace, bedroom with walls and floors covered with fabric and a room where are weaving machines, and some photos of the family of the former owner.

The village of Theologos in Thassos

The village of Theologos in Thassos © ronsaunders47/Flick

The Theologos Museum offers its visitors a journey into the past and is opened daily from 10.00 to 20.00, the price of a ticket is 3 € for adults, while children under 16, get a free entrance.

Theologos village in Thassos

Theologos village in Thassos © ronsaunders47/Flick


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