Mainland Wanderer of Greece

Mainland  ©Litsa Z/flickr

Mainland ©Litsa Z/flickr

Athens got its name from the Greek ancient goddess Athena. It is one of the mainland of Greece and until today, it is one of the most popular destinations. With more than three thousand years of history, it is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Greece is well-known as the cradle of great civilization and for the Acropolis, where the birth of democracy, philosophy and science is.


Halkidiki is a Greek peninsula in the northern part, near the city of Thessaloniki. There are three peninsulas namely, Cassandra, Sithonia and Mt. Athos, mainly you should check out the exotic villages and beautiful beaches that is with crystalline waters and pure white sand.


Located in the center, between Athens and Thessaloniki, Pelion is near to the city of Volos. Expect an incredibly beautiful place with high vegetated mountains and sandy beaches. Besides, you will fall in love with the traditional mountain villages made of stones.


Olympia is an archaeological site in Greece, located in the heart of Peloponnese and one of the most popular ones. Thousands of visitors are there just to admire its beauty. Besides its historical significance, Olympia was exactly the place where the Olympic Games were held, thus it was a sacred destination dedicated to the Greek god Zeus.


Located on the south-western spur of Mount Parnassus, Delphi Greece is also an archaeological site which is known for its antiquity. Delphi flourished once as the famous Oracle in the Mediterranean and the Sanctuary of god Apollo. It used to be and was an important spiritual and administrative centre for the entire Delphi area. You will still find the remains of the Oracle, a temple to Apollo and an ancient theatre. As the myth was passed, it was the centre of the Earth, but the truth is, there is an interesting archaeological museum.


Epidaurus ©wallygrom/flickr

Epidaurus ©wallygrom/flickr

This is more like a cultural attraction, a major one indeed. It has a rich history and a vibrant present. Thus in summer, expect to see many varieties of cultural events like theatrical performances and festivals. Most of which are held in the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus as it is renowned for its acoustics. There are lush green landscape as its surroundings and an easy access to the sea and beautiful sandy beaches. There are also traditional villages and very impressive mountain sights mark the pure landscape.

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