Magical Cities on Crete

Koutoulaoufari ©john houv/flickr

Koutoulaoufari ©john houv/flickr

There is an excellent sea area in Cherosnissos on Crete which give a romantic mood. In the entrance of a traditional village Koutouloufari and only eight hundred meters from the clean sandy beach and 1km from Hersonissos. Enjoy a great Greek snack called Girros. At just 2.50 Eur, it has lamb, salad, chips and other sauces in a wrap. Cherosnissos is best to be visited in summer where it became a party central with lots of clubs and bars for a good night life. You can get there easily by bus from Heraklion or directly by plane. It is not regular but there are ways to get there by ferries at the harbour.

Hora Sfakion

Another tiny harbour city with a few hundred inhabitants, Hora Sfakion is the capital of Sfakia region at the southwest of Crete. One of the activitives is to take a direct ferry to a coastal village called “Agia Roumel” so as to start trekking “The Lazy Way” through the Samaria Gorge. Agia Roumel is not accessible by road, you can walk or take a ferry from Sfakia or from Omalos by bus from Chania. A must see is the fourteen kilometers gorge that descends 1250 meters to sea level through some Europe’s most spectacular natural scenary. There is also a pleasant 3km walk up the gorge from south to north. For those with a good health and stamina, you may take up the challenge of the wooden staircase ‘Xyloskala’. Do not forget to bring a pair of good trusty shoes if you plan to do it. The narrowest part of the gorge is the ‘Iron Gates’. The entrance to Samaria Gorge is at a fee, they want to ensure no one stayed overnight in the park, so don’t throw away those tickets as they checked on the exit.

Elounda and Lerepetra

Spinalonga Island

©Robert Louden/flickr

A must see is the Spinalonga Island in the Elounda city. You should also check out the Salt Plans of the 15th century as well as the canal between Elounda and Agios Nikolaos built by the French engineers.

At the southernmost facing the African coast, enjoy the smoothest and rainless weather in Lerepetra. You can be sure the temperature rarely drops below 12ºC for the entire year and makes it the sunniest holiday resort in Europe. Maybe someone will tell you that it has a beautiful nickname “the Bride of the Libyan sea”.

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