Little Venice in the Mykonos Island

Mykonos Island with the Little Venice

Mykonos Island with the Little Venice ©danichro/Flick

“Little Venice” is one of the more romantic places throughout this Island of Mykonos. It is lined with beautiful and elegant old homes built right on the beach, with their colorful balconies “hanging” over the water and the waves crashing beneath them creates a unique view.

Many of the wooden balconies are part of small restaurants serving meals with fresh fish and traditional Greek food. What is undeniable is that many of the travelers who have been here have fallen in love with this charming place because of its magical attraction.


The sunset sight of Little Venice is truly amazing. Its whitewashed buildings, that seem to float on water with the azure blue background of the Aegean Sea, are simply magical. Raised during the sixteenth and the seventeenth centuries when piracy was freuent, according to the legends, this area was used for loading, or unloading quick and necessary goods, especially prey. Currently, however, Little Venice is famous for its restaurants and nightlife.

The place of artists

The ethereal beauty of the Little Venice of the Mykonos Island was and it is still an ideal place of some appreciated artists who lived here. Many artists have portrayed the charming beauty of the place in their priceless works of art, prints and paintings, thus promoting a worldwide reputation of this much respected neighborhood of Mykonos. No wonder then that Little Venice is today one of the most photographed tourist attractions in Europe.

Little Venice in Mykonos

Little Venice in Mykonos ©antonikon/Flick

Entertainment options in Little Venice

There are many entertainment options from nightclubs to vibrant well-stocked bars where revelers are known to stay much more than until midnight. Some of the old houses are now very stylish clubs and romantic pubs, while others are turned in taverns. What gives an apart character to the area is the fact that some of the houses are still private residences. Art galleries are also in abundance here, and renowned art exhibitions are a regular feature of the area.

Little Venice in Mykonos at sunset

Little Venice in Mykonos at sunset ©Global Jet/Flick

Relaxing in Little Venice

In the old days many skilled seafarers built their homes right on the picturesque shore. Many of these homes have now been converted into chic bars still stand out because their old world charm. Here you can enjoy countless glasses of your favorite liqueur along your friends and watch the floating solitary transport vessels floating on the horizon creating a surreal impression. The Little Venice in Mykonos is definitely worth a visit any time of day or night, but especially at sunset, to relax enjoying a cocktail at one of the cafes along the seafront.

Mykonos Island with the Little Venice

Mykonos Island with the Little Venice ©danichro/Flick

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