Ixia versus the low profile resorts

Ixia ©ettlz/flickr

Ixia ©ettlz/flickr

Filled with sun-baked tourists, Ixia is so near to the beach or the poolside so almost everyone you see and meet is half-baked red. This is a place for water sports, shopping, food tasting. Lots of hotels and restaurants can be found all along the shoreline as well as the streets parallel to it. It has the other side that is not so touristy and commercialize, on the way to Kremasti at the end of the beach.

Ixia and laysos

The must see of Ixia is the ancient lalysos. It is one of the most important archaeological sites on the island on the hill of Filerimos. The remains of the temple of Zeus and Athena Poliada is here. You can also see the church of the Knights which dates back to the 14th century, the remnants of the Byzantine fortifications as well as the road to Golgothas. It is special with a path of cypress trees and very impressive looking shrines on both sides. Just a side note, in case you do not know yet, the Virgin Mary of Filerimos was worshipped by both the Orthodox and the Catholic faith.

Kolymbia (Kolympia)

If you are planning a quiet and discreet family coastal resort, Kolymbia (Kolympia) is a low profile seaside resort just right for your itinerary. First you will see a fresh, lush green Eucalyptus Road before seeing Kolymbia. It is neither the ostentatious luxury of Ixia or the intense and frenzied Faliraki. You can visit the Seven Springs (Epta Piges) in proximity. Kolymbia is midway between Rhodes, so if you can enjoy both the cosmopolitan centres.

Pefkos (Pefki)

Pefkos (Pefki) is chiefly occupied by groups, mostly Austrians, Brits, Germains and Scandinavians. Though Pefkos is quite low profile, it has the mini market, cafes, pharmacy, bars, restaurants and a beautiful scenery of lots of tall pines trees.

Siana, village of honey

Siana ©blackdogbonzo/flickr

Siana ©blackdogbonzo/flickr

Village of Siana is amphitheatrically built on the slopes of Mount Akramitis of 825 meters is the second highest peak on the island. It is situated on the southern part of the City of Rhodes and north-eastern side of the village of Monolithos. This is a place that offers an excellent view over the coast of Rhodes and the other neighboring islands. Do not forget to taste its local honey and firewater called ‘Souma’. There are also good accommodations, cafes and excellent taverns in Siana.

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