Health and Wellness Tourism in Greece

Spa ©costanavarino/flickr

Spa ©costanavarino/flickr

To have the general feeling of well-being starts from you own choice of the destination in Greece. You may just want to have a good time, feeling well-balanced mentally and feeling healthy. You can choose from the rare landscapes that Greece has to offer. It has many natural spots such as springs with important therapeutic properties and spas that had been so well-known since the ancient days.

Natural Therapeutic Springs

The water that are from the springs with a high temperature are unique and usually present with some rare active components. In Greece, it is one of the places in the world that is ultra-rich in natural spas. You can also go for mineral springs or even thermal springs at different spots in Greece.

Treatment for Chronic Conditions

Senior citizens usually receive their treatment for some chronic conditions in the hydrotherapy way. Common ailments like rheumatic disorders or arthritis associated to the elderly seemed to have labeled these spas just exclusively for them. However, natural spas are benefiting people of all ages nowadays as spas provides a general feeling of well-being and relaxation. Some young people even go for the mud spa, mud therapy, inhalation or even drinking therapy. In Athens or Thessaloniki, you can ask for a hotel that has the state of the art spas with specialized staff to cater to your relaxation needs.


This is a combination of revitalisation, relaxation, healing and recreation achieved in the ideal climatic conditions of Greece. Its seawater is also giving the natural holistic provision to your body and soul. You can enjoy the healthiest Greek diet in your search of a psychological and phyical well-being.

Mineral Natural Springs

For fresh water therapy, some places are widely known for its quality of its waters. In Peloponnese, go to Loutraki near Korinthos, Kaiafas and Killini on the western coast, Methana on the eastern coast, Edipsos on the northern coast of Evia, you can find solutions to therapeutic indications of chronic rheumatism, sciatica, muscle aches, arthritis deformity, salpingitis, endometritis or even espondilartritis.

Central Greece

Spa ©Lefkas Greece/flickr

Spa ©Lefkas Greece/flickr

In parts of Central Greece, you can find solutions to therapeutic indications of neurological and gynaecological disorders. Some people with asthma, diseases of the respiratory system, bronchitis or even pulmonary emphysema seek their holidays at Thermopylae and Kamena Vouria in Fthiotida. In Ypati, similar vacation spots such as Platistomo or Elefteres near Kavala.

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