Having fun in Crete

Restaurant in Crete

Restaurant in Crete ©Spigoo/Flick

Crete is one of the most popular Greek islands, it is one of the most visited islands of the Mediterranean.

The Island of Crete is also very famous for its parties and its hectic nightlife. There are many options to spend a good night. You can choose between the many pubs, foam parties or you might want to have a traditional night with Greek food and music.

We want to offer you some tips to have fun in Crete including nightlife, shopping and restaurants.

Nightlife in Crete

The most popular resorts for unleashed parties that last until morning are Hersonissos and Malia, both of them located near Heraklion. They are ideal places for young people looking for fun in Crete and loud music and for others as well. The most popular clubs are the “Orgasmic” and the “Corker’s”.

The main cities as Heraklion, Chania and Rethymno offer a great variety in nightlife. You can choose between bars with live music, clubs with commercial music or Greek entertainment depending on your preference.

Chania by night

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As a rule for most clubs in Crete, it is not advisable to get there before 01:00. The party starts much later here and is not guaranteed to get over before sunrise.

Shopping in Crete

Shops are generally open in the morning and afternoon until late evening in Crete. Most shops are closed during the afternoon siesta. Banks and post offices are open shorter. In most of the resorts, shops are open on weekends.

Shopping in Crete

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Food and Beverage

If we are speaking about having fun in Crete we must say something about the Greek cuisine and restaurants.

Greeks cook with olive oil, and their favorite meat is the grilled mutton. The Greek appetizer contains tomato, cucumber, melon, slices of cheese, olives and various fruit. The traditional dishes include appetizers, the mezedes composed of melitzanosalata (chopped eggplant with oil, lemon and garlic), taramosalata (roe paste) and dolmadakia (vine leaves stuffed with meat and rice).

Restaurant in Crete

Restaurant in Crete ©Spigoo/Flick

The main course is the musaca, that contains ratatouille, roasted meat or fish, and even skewers of lamb or pork called souvlaki. The fish and shellfish are excellent. The Horiatiki is a Greek salad served with main dish and consists of sliced ​​tomatoes and cucumbers, olives and Fetta.

The dessert is usually made of baklava and cataif. The Cretan specialties include the are Graviera cheese (yellow) and mizithra which is a creamy white cheese often served instead of Fetta in Greek salad.

Restaurant in Crete

Restaurant in Crete ©mueritz/Flick

You can hardly have fun in Greece without the drinks. The preferred aperitif is the ouzo and the retsina of wine. The best wines are homemade and are found in the  taverns. Raki is the local fire water, flavored with anise, also known as the tsikoudo, served either plain or with ice and water.

Tipping is included in most bills at restaurants and hotels, but it you should usually to give 10% of the total consumptions. The hotel staff and taxi drivers usually receive a tip.

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