Greek Vegetarian Dishes

Antichokes ©peraki_kiki/flickr

Antichokes ©peraki_kiki/flickr

One of the most important fasting season in the Eastern Christianity is the Great Lent. It is also known as the Great Fast. During this time, the vegetarian dishes are very popular. For example, the dish Aginares a la Polita which is made of artichokes with olive oil. Artichoke originates in the Southern Europe around the Mediterranean. The Greek enjoys this dish in city-style, city is referring to the city of Constantinople. Basically, this is a hearty stew dish which is savory made with artichoke hearts, lemon, potatoes, carrots, dill and flavoured with onion. You can try them in small villages in Argolida or even the island of Tinos and in Iria and Kantia. The other dish is Arakas me aginares. It is an oven-baked fresh peas with artichokes.

Barmies and Briám

Bamies is a dish made with okra with tomato sauce, at times with potatoes or during non-fasting times with chicken or lamb. Okra is actually lady’s fingers which is high in folic acid, Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Vitamin A and probiotics. Next is Briám which is an oven-baked side dish. Usually it is a ratatouille of sliced potatoes and zucchini in olive oil. These summer vegetables. Ratatouille is eaten as a meal on its own either with pasta, bread or rice. The key ingredient includes eggplant, tomatoes, onions, and ample aromatic herbs and seasonings.

Domatokeftedes & Fasolakia

Greek tomato fritters or Domatokeftedes is served with mint. It is fried in olive oil and typically served with fava which is a split-pea paste. It is mainly a Cycladic island dish. Fasolakia is a fresh green beans stewed with zucchini, potatoes and tomato sauce. Usually eaten as a lunchtime meal, and accompanied by a slice of Feta cheese. Gemista are baked stuffed vegetables. IT can be tomatoes, peppers, or other vegetables hollowed out and baked with a rice-and-herb filling or minced meat.

Gigandes plaki

Gigandes plaki is a dish of baked beans with tomato sauce and various herbs.Most of the time, it is made spicy with various peppers.

Kinteata, Lachanodolmades and the ‘-orizos’

Greek Cuisines ©Roving I/flickr

Greek Cuisines ©Roving I/flickr

Kinteata is a dish made from boiled young nettles, while Lachanodolmades are cabbage rolls inside with rice filling or meat. Herbs are used to spice it up and they are usually served with avgolemono sauce. Alternatively it can be served simmered in tomato broth. The Lachanorizo are cabbage with rice and the other Prassorizo are leeks with rice. So, Spanakorizo  is a spinach stew that has rice as a component. It is simply made together with the addition of lemon and olive-oil as the sauce.

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