Gorgeous Sights in Greece

Meteora ©Antoine Bakx/flickr

Meteora ©Antoine Bakx/flickr

In central Greece in the area of Thessaly, there is an extensive religious place with a rich history. Surrounded by magnanimous rock formations, Meteora is distinctive as it has several monasteries on top since the 14th and 15th centuries. Be captivated by the views of lush green hills and valleys, there are interesting museums, architecture as well as villages awaiting you.


In Peloponnese, there is a quaint town with a rich historical background called Nafplion. In the early 1830s, it was once the first capital of the modern Greek state. Nafplion has some really traditional architecture, an Old Town, a strong fortress above the town and of course, charming beaches. There are old mansions and paved paths that gives the whole town such a Neoclassical vibe which serves as its main attraction.


Also in Peloponnese, Mycenae is famous for its vaulted tombs. There are giant walls and the highlights mainly spotting on the death mask of Agamemnon. Agamemnon was the ruler of the Greeks during the Trojan War. Besides, Mycenae is the town where the Mycenaean civilization flourished. Even the archaeological sites are fantastic between Argos and Nafplion, you are recommended to check out this kingdom of King Agamemnon against Troy.


Thessaloniki being the second biggest town in mainland Greece, is located in the northern part of the country. It is a transportation hub with a vivid nightlife. A great one-stop if you like beautiful beaches nearby and an entirely great place for checking out Byzantine monuments and a beautiful waterfront, it is not just the sites to see, in Thessaloniki is a popular promenade that is well liked by the locals and tourists alike.


For medieval town on slopes of a barren yet naturally fortified rock, you must see the Monemvasia. You can reach the paved paths and old houses that mark the architecture from a bridge from the mainland. In the south east coast of Peloponnese is a beautiful medieval fortress on a small peninsula. A huge rock of 300 meters tall and 1.8 kilometers in length is what is amazing.


Parga ©pawightm/flickr

Parga ©pawightm/flickr

A secluded bay of the Ionian Sea in the Epirus region of Greece is a lovely little town of Parga. It has a special environment and surroundings of mountains thick full of olive groves. Houses there are built amphitheatrically from the coast up to the mountain-top. Thus, it is here on the small town that vies it a wonderful view of exuberant beauty and quality. It also has a special ambience, sort of island-like even though it is on the mainland.

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