Festivals and Holidays in Corfu

Easter in Corfu

Pots and vases thrown at Easter in Corfu ©Manu/Flick

Like any other Greek island, Corfu has many festivals and religious holidays throughout the year, especially during the summer.

The best season for visiting the island would be spring when everything is green and blooming, while the weather is hot and dry in summer, with temperatures reaching 37 degrees C and is mild and wet in winter. However, it is a great experience to take part of a Greek holiday or festival.

We would like to present you the six most important and exciting festivals and holidays in Corfu.


For Greek people Easter is by far one of the most important events of the year and Easter in Corfu is unique.

Pots and vases thrown at Easter in Corfu

Pots and vases thrown at Easter in Corfu ©Manu/Flick

Good Friday brings solemn processions in the memory of the burial of Christ. The main procession begins at nightfall at the Cathedral of Corfu Town and is followed by thousands of people. Many visitors come from Athens and all over Greece that fill the narrow streets of Corfu town. The “Epitaphios” ia a bier that represents the body of Christ. It is beautifully decorated and worn by soldiers and sailors, priests and faithful people.

On Saturday at 9:00 am starts the procession of Saint Spiridon, the patron of the island. The relics of Saint Spyridon are kept in a silver casket in a tiny dark room, in a corner of the church.

At 11:00 am pots and vases filled with water are thrown from balconies on Liston Street, this symbolizing luck for the coming year.

At midnight the Archbishop announces that “Jesus ascended to heaven” and the choirs start singing, fireworks are exploding, bells start ringing and everyone lights candles.

Easter in Corfu

Easter in Corfu ©Manu/Flick

Union Day

Every year on the 21st of May islanders celebrate the union of Corfu with the new state of Greece. This is a joyful Greek festival with dances and banquets.

Feast of Saint Spiridon

St. Spiridon, the patron saint of the island is commemorated in CorfuTown on the 11th of August and on Easter Saturday.

Festival in Ano Garouna and Gerakiana

This festival in Corfu lasts three days and takes place in the villages of Kato Grouna and Ano Gerakiana during the first weekend after 15 august. The festival consists of various cultural events organized by people born in the two villages but living in Athens and returned to their villages during the summer.

Crowded street in Corfu

Crowded street in Corfu ©L. Richard Martin, Jr./Flick

Festival of Corfu

The Festival of Corfu is one of the most important festivals on the island. It takes place in Corfu Town in September and consists of various cultural events such as concerts, plays and other artistic events.

Pies Festival

The Pies Festival is held in Loustri on the 1st of September. The city baker and many of the locals donate huge pies, or “Pittas,” as locals call them. At this Greek festival is everyone invited to listen to live music, dance and drink traditional wine.

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