Famous museums in Corfu

Archeological Museum of Corfu

Archeological Museum of Corfu ©ancientartpodcast.org/Flick

The Greek Island of Corfu is located in the Ionian See, near the Western coast of Albania.

Because of its position it has a stormy past being over Roman, Venetian, French, British rule.

But the island was always linked to the history of Greece already from the beginning of Greek mythology.

The Island of Corfu is not only a tourist paradise for a long time, but is also a cultural destination with many museums. We would like to present you eight of the famous museums in Corfu.


Archaeological Museum of Corfu

The Archaeological Museum of Corfu was built between 1962 and 1965, initially in order to house the archaeological finds from the Temple of Artemis in Corfu. The collections of the museum include the famous Gorgon Pediment – a sculpture from the fifth century BC, three tombstones dating from the sixth century BC from the ancient city cemetery Corfu, the lion found near the tomb of Menecrates dating from the seventh century BC, relics from the Temple of Hera and the Temple of Apollo, which were found at Mon Repos, and a collection of Corcyran coins.

Archeological Museum of Corfu

Archeological Museum of Corfu ©ancientartpodcast.org/Flick

Folklore Museum of Corfu

The Folklore Museum of Corfu was founded by the Folkloric Society of Corfu in 1982. It is located in a traditional house in the village of Sinarades at a distance of 12 km west of Corfu Town. The building is a reproduction of middle-class homes from the Ninth Century, which houses old tools, traditional decorations, musical instruments, fishing equipment, ceramics and a collection of documents that have been donated to the museum.

Asian Art Museum of Corfu

The Asian Art Museum of Corfu was built in 1927 when 10 500 pieces of the Gregory Manos collection were donated. Since 1974 the museum became the Asian Art Museum that exhibits several collections of Central Asia. The Asian Art Museum of Corfu is located in the Palace of Saints Michael and George in Corfu Town, which was home to the British High Commissioners until they offered the house to the Greek state in 1864.

Byzantine Museum of Corfu

Housed in Antivouniotissa Church, the Byzantine Museum of Corfu exhibits a rich collection of Byzantine and post-Byzantine icons and relics, representing more than five centuries of religious art.

The Antivouniotissa Museum in Corfu

The Antivouniotissa Museum in Corfu ©izzie_whizzie/Flick

Shell Museum

The Shell Museum in Corfu has one of the largest collections of shells in Europe and is located on the main street of Benitses. The museum houses a private collection of shells collected over 40 years from all over the world. Shell collectors can buy  here unusual and exotic shells souvenirs. It is opened from 10:00 to 21:00.

The Numismatic Museum

The Numismatic Museum of Corfu is founded by the Ionian Bank in 1981 and is located in a building designed by a local architect Ioannis Chronis. It is the only museum of this kind in Greece and exhibits a rich collection of coins, banknotes, bank documents and stamps.

Municipal Gallery

The Corfu Municipal Gallery houses an large collection of works donated by famous Corfiot artists of the nineteenth century, such as Pachis, Haralambos, Pavlos Prossalendis, Angelos Giallinas, Skarvelis, Koyevinas, Samartxis.

Solomos Museum

Dionysius Solomos is the Greek poet who wrote the lyrics of the national anthem of Greece. He lived much of his life on the island of Corfu (from 1798 to 1857), where he wrote much of his work. The Solomos Museum is located in the house where he lived and exhibit many of the poet’s personal belongings, a collection of his manuscripts and various portraits.

Statue of Dionysios Solomos

Statue of Dionysios Solomos ©Live Zakynthos/Flick

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