Crete, Rhodes and Lindos

Crete ©the_crow_19_78/flickr

Crete ©the_crow_19_78/flickr

The largest Greek Island is Crete and it has lush evergreens and palm groves at Vai. It has beaches, hotels, resorts, archeological sites and apartments. Crete has a lot of ancient cities around the island. There are high mountain peak and it is a great heaven for climbers and hikers. Crete is more than just a beach holiday destination. You can find deluxe resorts around the bay area.

Minoan City of Knossos

Also known as Labyrinth, Knossos Palace is the largest Bronze Age archaeological site on Crete. Expect to see a maze of living spaces, workrooms, store rooms close to a central square. On the walls, are the detailed images of the Cretan life in the late Bronze Age. There are the best roads leading you to a day from the larger Crete accommodations and hotels to Santorini. Discover the Old Crete for an old world Crete charm. Places to see includes the wonderful harbor and ports of Rethymno and Chania, the long sandy beach with a boardwalk, fine restaurants and tavernas. You can find here quieter beaches which connects the two cities, great destination for honeymooners.

Rhodes and Lindos

One of the most beautiful medieval cities in the world is Rhodes. Its capital is Rodos. It is a place with a blend of the Crusador and Turkish influences. See the Old Hospital of the Knights, that is where cut stone buildings are amazingly featured in real. Rhodes is one of the most urbane cities on the Greek Islands.

Lindos is a the most charming village on Rhodes. Check out those bays and coves with an acropolis that overlooks it from the hill next to it. If you love white sands, here they are with warm clear waters for your admiration. Enjoy a dinner for two at the water side tavernas which serves delectable Greek cuisine in a small restaurant settings.

Greece Rhodes Lindos ©milos.kravcik/flickr

Rhodes Lindos ©milos.kravcik/flickr

The main sights on the acropolis of Lindos that is existing today are the Doric Temple of Athena Lindia, the Porpylaea of the Sanctuary. Other than they were dated from about 300 BC, there is a monumental staircase that leads to a D-shaped stoa. The beautiful side of this site is also the wall with five door openings.

The Hellenistic stoa dating 200 BC is with 42 columns is also another attraction. There is a well-known relief of a Rhodian warship cut into the rock. You can find it at the foot of the steps to the acropolis. Take some photos of the General Hagesander by Pythokritos dating back to 180 BC.

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