Cheap flights to Athens

How to find cheap flights to Athens

To finally find cheap flights to Athens, for one thing it is capital to check multiple travel websites to see all their rates and select the best bargain. Don’t solely search for flights to Athens Hellinikon, it could be cheaper to go to a close by town/city and rent a car to get to the city. Remember that it is commonly a lot less expensive to fly from Monday to Friday even more so if you also stay for Saturday and Sunday, thus you pay less and have time to discover the landmarks of the area.

Advice to choose when to travel to Athens

Peak season in Athens is during June to September, which means busy bars and clubs, supposedly more pleasing temperatures and also additional events however simultaneously a lot more people, crowds and bigger costs. As opposed to this, low travel season takes place over November to March, which usually means cheaper services, a lot less visitors, but also possible disadvantages, like less activities or bad weather. Based on these facts we consider that altogether the greatest time to travel to Athens is between low and high season, that falls on April to May and October.

Helpful information regarding Athens and the flights going there

  • The briefest route connects the city with Thira – the flight is only 32 miles long.
  • The city can be found in the GMT+2 time zone, so, considering the location you departed from, you may have to combat jet-lag.
  • Presently circa 729.1 thousand residents have their home in Athens, Greece.
  • Athens is connected to a great deal of various airports everywhere, 81 of them to be precise.
  • The most prolonged flight arriving to the city is 4,918 miles (7,915 km) long and is departing from New York.

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