Cape Evreokastro and Lake Maries in Thassos

Cape Evreokastro in Thassos

Cape Evreokastro in Thassos @wit/Flick

Cape Evreokastro lies in the north-eastern end of the former trading port of the town of Thassos. As a result of the excavations was concluded that this area was a true place of worship, this being certified by the ruins of temples dedicated to the goddess Athena, Artemis, and those of Zeus.

The only lake of Thassos is known as Lake Maries and is located at approximately 3 km from the village with the same name, on the road leading to Mount Ipsario. This lake was created specifically for the needs of farmers, today becoming one of the most popular tourist attractions of the island.


Cape Evreokastro

On a small rock in the fifth century BC, was raised a sanctuary of the ancestral gods, and later, on the site, using materials from the former temple, a Christian basilica was built. Today can be seen a chapel that impresses with the richness of the murals, built in the honor of the Holy Apostles. The chapel is quite impressive, with a tall glass of 2 meters in each side. This is also a basilica, which has the shape of a cross, with a height of 2.5 meters.

From Cape Evreokastro in Thassos you can admire the most beautiful sunsets! The archaeological site here is offering a romantic image, and the waves that are hitting the rocks, make the décor perfect. The chapel on Cape Evreokastro participates to the poetry of sunsets on this spit of land. The area is indeed very quiet, the calm blending with the beautiful landscape, providing you a memorable vacation.

Cape Evreokastro in Thassos

Cape Evreokastro in Thassos @wit/Flick

Lake Maries

While Maries is one of the most beautiful and oldest settlements of the Island of Thassos, which dates back to the Middle Ages, from the Byzantine period, the nature reserve near Lake Maries is a quiet place with waterfalls and fish, being the ideal destination for cyclists and hikers who venture into these areas.

Lake Maries in Thassos

Lake Maries in Thassos @wallygrom/Flick

To get to Lake Maries, you need to follow a road that surrounds the island to Scale Maries, then go again about 10 km on a road going under a bridge. You must be prepared, the road is not fully paved and at a point, is full of precipices. Tourists are banned from swimming in Lake Maries, and the camping on the lake short is not allowed as well.

There are two legends about the origin of the name Maries. One of them tells us that in the past, all women in this village were called Mary. The second story tells us that after the village was invaded by pirates, only two women have survived, both with the name Mary.

The surrounding of the Lake Maries

The surrounding of the Lake Maries @wallygrom/Flick


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