Before You Arrive in Greece

Greece ©john elians/flickr
Greece ©john elians/flickr

Greece was originally called ‘Elliniki Dimokratia‘, in short Ellas or Ellada. So that makes their people Ellines, Hellenes. Their women are called Ellenides and men Ellines. Greece has a super long coastline, it is more than 13 thousand kilometers long. Most of its area of 131 thousand square meters are land area, only one percent is sea. The Greek language is Ellinka and it is a beautiful looking language. Greece borders are Albania, Bulgaria, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and also Turkey. If you still do not know, Mount Olympus is their highest mountain. It is almost three thousand meters tall, so 2917 meters if you wish to know the exact height. Athens is Greece capital city. Currently, they are using the Euro as their currency. So be sure to get ready the Euros before arriving to the city at your local bank or money exchange providers in your country.

Natural Resources

Greece has many natural resources, they have marble, magnetite, petroleum, hydropower, bauxite, lignite and GOLD. So with natural resources, there are bound to have some natural hazards. In Greece, they have earthquakes. But Greece is a beautiful country, do not let that disturb you in planning a travel there.

Facts and Figures

Ninety-eight percent of the Greeks are in the Greek Orthodox religion. A minority of 1.3 percent are Muslim. The literacy of the Greek is 95% and their population is growing at 0.14%. Most European countries are not really growing that much so it is quite a good number to start with. They have many industries from agriculture, tourism to mining and chemicals. Their food and wine, olives, dairy products, wheat, tobacco, barley, sugar beets, potatoes, meat, corn and tomatoes are excellent due to its climate ideal for growing them.

Ports and Harbours

Greek Port ©Peace Correspondent/flickr
Greek Port ©Peace Correspondent/flickr

There are several ports and harbours in Greece. The known ones are Kerkyra or Corfu, Patras and Thessaloniki. Others like Alexandroupolis, Irakleion, Kavala, Chalkis, Lavrion, Igoumenitsa, Pireus and Eleusis. Greece usually trade with Germany, UK, Netherlands, Italy, France and the United States. There are altogether 51 prefectures: Thessaloniki, Voiotia, Zakynthos, Thesprotia, Trikala, Chios, Kilkis, Evros, Drama, Kerkyra or Corfu Oros, Attici, Ayion to name a few.

Smoking and Staring in Greece

It is not allowed everywhere if you want to smoke. Especially women, smoking in public of some villages are frowned upon. In some areas, you should not stare too much at children due to a superstition called “Passing on The Evil Eye”.

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