Activities on the Island of Kos

The beautiful Greek Island of Kos ©Eric Borda

The beautiful Greek Island of Kos ©Eric Borda/Flick

There are many bus links between most of the villages and beaches of the Island of Kos, but also taxis, bikes, cars for rent or even ships on many beaches. You can make a tour of the island with a tourist train that stops in the port. The station is opposite the taxi station. You can make excursions even to Turkey, Pserimos or the other islands.

Kos Island has its own airport with direct flights to many European cities. The island is connected to the rest of the Dodecanese islands via ferries, the catamarans, and the islands of Mykonos, Paros, Lesvos, Samos, Chios, Tinos and more.


Every summer there are many charter flights towards Kos and many tourists make use of them to arrive by boats on the nearby islands of Kalymnos and Leros.

But you might ask yourself, what can you do after you arrive to the island. In the followings we present you some activity options on the Island of Kos.

Water Sports

The water sports are great activity options on the Island of Kos. There are several water sports that can be practiced here on various beaches. The Bubble Beach possesses some natural springs that are said to have a healing power. You can make multiple trips here, you can visit the beaches and can make day trips to Rhodes and Pserimos Nyssiros, but also to Turkey.

Kos Island in Greece

Kos Island in Greece ©Elisa atene/Flick

Night life

You will surely not be disappointed here if you want to have fun on your holiday! The Island of Kos is famous because it suggests some wonderful activities for the evening, with its bars, the many clubs and the beach parties. Most of the bars are found in the capital of Kos. The most frequented streets of Kos are the Nafkilrou and the Diakonu streets which are near the archaeological sites.

Island of Kos at night

Island of Kos at night ©Eric Borda/Flick


The local specialty is a cheese baked in the oven with red wine called “Kokkino tiri”. There is a great variety of taverns and restaurants where you can serve both traditional Greek dishes as well as international dishes. Most of the places are in the town of Kos, but you will find many taverns and restaurants in little villages or on the beaches as well.

The beautiful Greek Island of Kos ©Eric Borda

The beautiful Greek Island of Kos ©Eric Borda/Flick


From the list of the activities on the Island of Kos cannot miss the shopping. As Kos is a populari tourist destination, there is a wide range of shopping offers. You can find all kinds of shops and boutiques, especially in the city. The jewelry, pottery, leather belts, sandals, clothing, textiles, embroidery, copies of ancient art works, paintings, icons, local wine, honey, beach items and the many more things will surely tempt you!

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