Acropolis Rally of Greece

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Acropolis Rally

A unique experience and adventure for participants and spectators. This is a part of the World Rally Championship happening in the month of May in Athens. It is one of the most impressive car rallies in the world. Choking dust, twisty, rocky and rough mountain roads makes it the world toughest circuit for the drivers to compete in the blistering hot summer weather. However, it did not deter the competing drivers for the highlight of the rally the SSS or Super Special Stage. Over the past fifty-one years, this has been the Greek motorsports event. It is the longest standing in world rally with past rally winners such as Walter Röhrl, Björn Waldegård, Ari Vatanen, Stig Blomqvist, Juha Kankkunen, Carlos Sainz and Colin McRae. With their extra sturdy racing car, the tolerance for heat in their cockpit has to be up to 50ºC! The Acropolis rally is rather a contact with all the physical elements of nature and the beauty of Greece. The adventurous tourists will climb mountains and hillsides. And those are even retracing areas of the circuit to enjoy the specialized or simple circuits of the Acropolis rally.

Unpaved Roads, Specialized circuits

There is no minimal time allocation for specialized circuits on unpaved roads. However, the crew will be timed individually. Winners are those with the least time in all the categories. Their car can be service after a minimum of fifty kilometers of completion. For about thirty minutes at the service park, only co-driver or the driver himself can service their car without any other help and this is one condition. This year the winner of the Acropolis Rally in Greece is Sébastien Loeb and Daniel Elena who is his co-driver.

Super Special Stage (SSS)

WRC 2012 ©

WRC 2012

Held at a short purpose-built tracks in the outdoor stadiums. Racers will complete the stage in a timed stage. It is common to see cars setting off at together and at halfway, their task is to swap lanes. The test is not just about the driver and crew, the challenge is also on the car’s performance and reliability. If you are planning to be one of the spectator to watch the rally, make sure you get there well in advance. Choose safe areas to watch the rally, and always stay behind the ribbon tape and markings. Do park your car in areas that will not obstruct the proceedings of the rally. Most importantly, do not light a fire in any circumstances!e






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