A band of Heroes – Argonauts

Minyan ware © KHopkins2009/flickr

Minyan ware

Argus was the builder of the ship Argos and Argonauts literally means “Argo sailors”. There are myths and historical stories and in modern nowadays, you can find traces about them in literature, music, video games, film and television. These adaptations could have caused an influence in the learning about them. At times, they are called Minyans who were the prehistoric tribe of the area. The Golden Fleece or the fleece of the gold-haired winged ram from Colchis is much mentioned in the tale of Jason and his band of Argonauts. Mythically, the sailors were set out on a quest for the fleece. The King Pelias ordered this so as to place Jason on the throne of lolcus in Thessaly. Ram is believed to be the offspring of the sea god (Poseidon and Themisto).

Minyans in the Aegean region

Minyans are the very first wave of Proto-Greek speakers in the 2nd millennium BCE. As for Minyan ware, they are a style of Aegean pottery of the Middle Helladic period that happened beween around 2100 to 1550 BCE. Minyans were an autochthonous and authochthones are mortals sprining from the rocks, soil and trees in mythology. With no parents, they are self-born.

Island of Limnos

Limnos ©Sotiris Michalelis/flickr

Limnos ©Sotiris Michalelis/flickr

Lemnos or Limnos, call it whichever, it is an absolutely beautiful island in the north Aegean sea. The reason why the god of fire Hephaestus was worshiped faithfully in antiquity is because, Limnos is a volcanic island. With very lush green island and also beaches for a summer vacation. The Greek living on Limnos enjoy very fertile soil for the growth of olives. Other than olives, other agricultural products like wheat, fruits, honey, flowers and they can also breed animals. Traditional islanders live here. For the Greek people, hospitality is sacred and old customs are kept. Holidaymakers will love the wonderful beaches it has to offer. There are mythical stories about Hera getting angry with Hephaestus. He was thrown off Mt. Olympus, Sicily was his workshop, and being a patron god of Limnos, you can find a temple built to his honor. From archeological excavations records and evidences found the first inhabitants on Limnos to be Etruscans. Being part of the Persian empire, it later joined the Athenian League. This all happened in the 5th century BC. What followed in history was the line of rulers from Aegean, Macedonians, Romans, Byzantine, Genuans, Venetians and Turks. Pirate attacks did not spare Limnos either. At the end, in 1912, the island fought bravely in the 1821 war of independence and was liberated eventually.

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